Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

The kids had a blast last night Trick or Treating. Our favorite part was watching Willow say: "Trick or treat" and then "thank you" in her cute little squeeky voice! Oh, it just about turned your heart to mush! Even all the people behind the door were saying how adorable she was. It was pretty cute.
Tristin was a : Pokemon trainer. I made his shirt, he painted his hat, he turned golf balls into Pokemon balls and velcro-ed them to his belt and he carried his Pokemon bag.
Daisy and Grace were both black cats. I picked up the costumes (mask, tail and bow) last year for Super cheap, .50 each I think.I wanted Grace to be a unicorn, but she didn't want too. I picked the adorable costume up at a yard sale for .25!
Willow was a hot pink dragon. I picked hers up at a yard sale for $ 1.00. The best part was the little tail that wiggled back and forth as she walked. Priceless.

We went and visited G-ma & G-Pa when we were done and then came home to gets the kids to bed. It was a chilly night, but they had a great time. Trav and I think it's one of the best night's of being parents. We love the candy even more than they do! We lay in bed and watch the Office while eating or kids Halloween candy! Pure Heaven.

Daisy wins a coloring contest at Albertson's...

Little Miss Daisy is quite the artist. She loves to draw, color, make up stories and be creative. The girl's entered their Halloween pictures in the Coloring contest at Albertson's, and Daisy won for her age bracket! I'm so proud of her. She was so embaressed when we went to pick up her $10.00 gift card, and Mark announced her winning over the intercome! She picked out a stuffed polar bear.

Tristin earns the gator Award!

Tristin won the Gator Award last week at school , and tomorrow we get to go and have lunch with him. I am proud that he is working hard, being a great student and loves to read. He makes me so happy to be a Momma!

Trav's 34th birthday...

Good grief, when did we get so old? Trav just turned 34 on the 29th! We went out to Olive Garden for dinner while G-ma & G-pa watched the kids for a hour and 1/2 for us. That's what Trav wanted more than anything, so I saved my pennies and had a $4.00 off coupon I was excited to use. If you know me, you know the only thing I order from there is their Chicken alfredo pizza which is to die for (but did you know they stopped serving it with the alfredo sauce? you can still ask for it though!) The past few b-day parties that have been celebrated there, i was sad to see my pizza under cooked. I'm not one to make a scene about anything, so the first pizza i ate, but was sadly disappointed in the doughyness. the second party I went to- I ordered it again, and AGAIN it was under cooked- but this time I asked them to bake it just a minute or two longer.

So when Trav & I were waiting to order, I debated if I should say anything or not. When our waiter came, I told him about my love for the pizza, but how it had been under cooked in the past and could they cook it just a tad bit longer- not burnt, but just a little bit more? Long story short, the pizza came out with black crust. Our waiter was mortified. I gave it a taste, after removing the crust and it was good enough to eat. It was slightly not ok on the bottom, but I could still eat it and I was fine with it. He kept coming back to the table and shaking his head saying it just wasn't right. Even the manager came out and looked at it. Seriously, I wasn't making a deal about it at all and they kept coming over to us and talking about it. I tried to reassure them I was fine, but I guess it was too much for them and they subtracted it from our bill! It was pretty sweet of them. I was just excited for the cheap dinner!
Happy Birthday sweet man.

When Grace get's the camera...

Oh, this little monkey cracks me up. I love her...

Trunk Or Treat...

Friday night was or ward's trunk Or treat. The kids had a great time collecting candy- it got them ready for last night's outing!

32 Shower Caps...

Let's just say we've gone through a lot of shower caps the past 3 1/2 weeks. Every second we are home, we have them on, even Willow had to join in the fun the other day and put one on. These things are pretty sexy, let me tell you- but I'm parinoid, so for the next 1o years I'm forcing my kids to wear them! P.S. Don't even ask what we were doing in these pictures!!

***The hello Kitty cards here you see Grace playing with were actually mine when I was her age- a good 26 years old. My G-ma held onto them for me until I was old enough to take care of them, it's just kinf of cool to see my girls playing with something I used to love so much


the girls had a birthday party for their stuffed animals awhile back. they made decorations, wrapped goofy presents and made treats for the party. they were pretty thrilled with themselves!

The girls were playing in the leaves the other day and looked pretty cute!