Friday, November 18, 2011

Here comes baby # 5...

It's offical! And early. We found out almost 2 weeks ago that we are expecting # 5!
Call me what you will...(I've heard it all lately) but we are really excited. And nervous. And scared. And overwhelmed. And thrilled. And extremely blessed to be so fertile. We've been planning for several months (you know how it goes- get the IUD removed, wait a few months/cycles and then hope for the best!) Of course we ended up pregnant in no time (which I also know is an amazing blessing)
I am scared out of my mind to endure the next 3 months of violent sickness- but I have no choice. I have been making freezer meals, freezer lunches, getting the craft show complete, working on organizing projects, wrapping Christmas presents and praying for just another day until it hits and I am out for 10 long weeks. There is nothing I can do except throw up 15- 20 times a day, and lay on the floor like a zombie. It is the near death sickness that is awful. I can handle the barfing- I've been great at that most my life- it's just the non functioning part that is so madning.

I have been prepping Grace for months now, as she will litterally become my saving Grace. I figure I have a week or two left before it hits and I have been frantically trying to get things done and play with the kids. Just pray for the kids. I have no idea how any of them have survived my pregnancies. They run around the house doing who- knows- what while I pray for God to end my misery and just let me die.

Thankfully Trav is home by 3:00 in the afternoons and can do damage control, laundry, kid duty and errands. Oh, how I wish there was any other way. I would give body parts not to have to go through this- but here we go....
Farwell friends, I will see you in a few months...

Craft Show Tomorrow- Nov. 19th @ 9:00 -4:00

Tomorrow is the big day! If you are needing super cute gifts for Christmas, Baby showers, Birthdays, Weddings, etc... come out tomorrow and shop! There is nothing over $10.00, with most everything $ 7.00 & under. Prices start at .25! It is at the same church as the past 2 years.
Hope to see you guys there!

Craft show...

Craft Show tomorrow- Nov. 19th 9:00-4:00

Grace is reading & writing...

Grace started reading a few months ago and we were completely shocked! Months later she is doing remarkably well for a 4 year old and we are still a little stunned. She's also wring stories, although these are a little harder to understand. Here's her latest one:
Line 1= Once there was a girl.
Line 2= She was trying to get
Line 3= a treasure chest.
Line 4= She finally found it.
Line 5= Then she went home.
Line 6= The End. Bye, Bye.

Not too shabby for a 4 year old without help!


Here's a few random pictures from the past week!

Daisy's Concert...

Daisy & Tristin had their school concerts last night and Wed night. (I didn't make it to Tristin's though- Trav said he did a great job!).)
Daisy did an awesome job singing and even was apart of the solo group. She was pretty nervous, but she warmed up and was great!