Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Writing sentences...

Ever since my kids could write their letters, I have made them write sentences as punishment. They hate doing it, it gives them time to settle down and it's been great practice for their handwriting too! Today was one of my favorite's I think.

Grace had to write; I will not spray paint my sister.

My other favorite of Tristin's is: I will be happy at yard sales.

When they leave home, I plan to give them a book with all their sentences in it. I have quite the collection, and they are hilirious to look through!


Here are my silly girl's at lunch today.

26 weeks...

No matter how many kids I've had, or how many times I've been pregnant, every once inawhile it hits me that: Holy Cow, there is a baby in there! It's really odd because it's like Im discovering it for the first time or something, and I most certainly am not after 7 pregnancies.
Here I am laying on the couch with my 26 week belly.