Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day...

Every Valentine's Day the kids get a "fancy breakfast" and they love it. This year they were tickled when they saw: poptarts, manderine oranges, and dessert kabobs (with donuts & heart shaped marshmallows), they had milk in fancy glasses and lots of treats for later too!

Later that morning, the little girls and I went to my Dr. visit, and made our deleveries to our friends at Albertson's. Every holiday we take treats to the workers and they love it. It sounds silly, but some feel like family now. (Actually, Trav is off to JJ's house after work to fix her computer, I'm sad I don't get to go hang out!) The girl's were given valentine balloons from the manager and then we went home for lunch.

After dinner and gymnastics, we made more deleveries and came home just in time for showers and bed. I was so tired. Trav and I layed in bed and watched a really good movie- that's it. That was our amazing Valentine's. Kind of what you expect from a 5 month pregnant wife of 12 years right???
(Actually, we went out last week for dinner. I was craving my Goodwood sandwich more than anything in the world, so we made that our Valentine date, which also included a trip to look at fabric, of course!)