Thursday, January 15, 2009

I started a new blog! Beware, it's contents might make you fall in love with coupons!

For years I've wanted to write a book on all my incredible deals, because honestly, it's been amazing to see how our family has been blessed by my willingness to run around the universe in search of a good deal!! My life has consisted of it from the time I can remember. I've always LOVED yard sales, thrift stores, E bay, coupons, Target's after holiday trips ect.. And you know me, going to yard sales the day after the kids were born because I couldn't miss a good deal! In honor of my thriftyness, a new blog was born on Jan. 1. 2009 and I have been tracking all my deals with pictures, how much I've spent, but most importantly, how much I have saved! These past 2 weeks have been incredible as I have now saved over $ 2, 200 dollars! In 2 WEEKS!! It has been so fun and it's all due to my crazy coupon obsession, shopping sales, using rebates ect... If you want to watch as one of my biggest addictions unfolds, go to and watch as I save at least a kabillion dollars this year! Wish me luck!
(I'm finally keeping track of my deals after all these years, and plan to make the blog into a book after 2009!)

Happy Birthday to me... our 2nd family noodle bath!!

Every year on my birthday, all I want to do is take a "noodle bath" with the kids! All year long they talk about it and ask when we'll do it again, and evey time I reply, "On my birthday!" So about 2 weeks before the blessed event, I go to Costco and buy a ginormous case of Top Ramen and smile all the way to the check out line because the silly people think I'm actually buying it to eat it! HA! Oh no, not in our crazy family. Once a year, all 5 of us jump into a bath full of noodles and think it's the coolest thing on the planet! And actually, for those 5 minutes that I'm in it, it is! It is the weirdest, most bizarre feeling ever, but it's so awesome I can't even explain it. If you didn't see/read last years post of our noodle bath- it all started way back in 1999 when I was in college. The night before the semister ended, my wild roomates & I took a noodle bath. (That was the year Patch Adams came out and the old lady in the movie wanted a swimming pool full of noodles, remember??) So that's where we came up with the idea. Who knew, though, that 10 years later, I'd still be doing it! It's actually only our 2nd year, but it's tradition now, so, when I'm 90, I hope the kids still think it's cool to swim around in a tiny tub with their insain mother!
(And yes, as you can imagine, 50 packs of noodles makes a GINORMOUS mess, but it's worth it when I see the smiles on my beautiful babies!)