Thursday, August 4, 2011

Daisy won a prize...

The kids signed up for the Summer reading program at the library again this year and spent a month reading and collecting little prizes and coupons along the way. After the Program ended- they had a drawing for larger prizes. I recieved a call yesterday that Daisy was one of the winners! We raced to the library after making jam to pick up her treat and it was a pink sprinkler that sprayed water and balls everywhere! Pretty cool! She was thrilled!
they are outside right now playing in the water.

Making Jam...

Tuesday night we went out to the orchard to help pick apricots for church. The kids picked up the ones off the ground and we made jam yesterday! I had never made apricot before, so Angie came over and showed me how- THANK YOU ANGIE! She adds pineapple to hers, so I thought we'd try it out! She helped me with the first batch and after she left I continued for awhile longer and made 35 jars! I can't wait to try it!

Gracie, Grace...

Grace took this picture of herself the other day- she looked so grown up!

Sweet little Willow...

Oh, this little girl melts my heart! She just turned 22 months and is SO much fun these days! She is working on a new phrase right now which I so badly want to believe: "Hot Mama" and it's the cutest thing in the world!
No, it isn't intended for me, she just says both words all the time so I thought it would be cute to have her combine them!
She is doing wonderful on the potty and going by herslf all the time! She's pretty much naked all the time with panties and diapers coming off a 100 times a day- but hey, that's potty training for you!
Willow is still an amazing sleeper getting about 12 hours every night, she loves to help unload the dishwasher & if you give her a rag and bottle of cleaner- she will go to town! She's adorable. She loves her Papa, gives the best hugs in the world, loves to pretend she's a puppy, doesn't like going to nursery so much, loves bath time and enjoys jumping on the trampoline. She's also obsessed with sugar, will sit and watch cartoons for awhile now and enjouys coloring on the walls, the couch and her body.
She's the sweetest thing ever too, and we can't believe she will be 2 yrs in a few months!