Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Miss Annikan...

I just had to take a few minutes to say thank you to one of my best friends- my dear sweet Annikan. I love her so much and I appriciate her friendship in my life. I love our Target runs, our Sonic splurges, organizing closets together, years worth of having yard sales together, how funny she is, her dedication to getting out of debt, her self control, her amazing love for her family, her cute garage door, always being there for me, her pop addictions, brining me Panda Express in the hospital after giving birth, how she is ALWAYS there at every party or get together- cleaning up & helping me, how she always listens and offers advice, her super cute quilt abilities, our "brick house" shopping trip,how she knows when I'm "off" and offers to cheer me up, her sweater fettish, how she gives it her all, how she tries so hard not to swear, how she supports her husband, loves her friends and is simply amazing all the time.
Annikan- thank you for this past week. I love you so much and I thank Heavenly Father everyday we are friends. You have truely been a blessing in my life.
Now lets start painting!!!