Thursday, December 13, 2012

Annikan's Birthday!

We went out the other night to celebrate Annikan's birthday! I am so glad that our B-day's are staggered at little, because we need the girl's night out whenever we can get it! Luckily, there were no weird objects in our food to report, just some yummy food this time! Annikan, you are the greatest friend and I love you! I hope your finger gets better too!

5 months old today!

Mr. Man turned 5 months old today. I'm kind of not okay with it either. I just want him to stay little and all he does is grow over night it seems. I know he's the last baby, I'm just dealing with the realization that every milestone will be my last to enjoy as a Mother. It's kinda sad. I'm closing a chapter and yet, I still feel sorta young. (Other days I feel 90, I swear!)

Here is Roman, all smiles, of course. Oh, how I adore this little turkey!