Friday, September 28, 2012

What I do for the kids during General Confrence

General Confrence is coming up in 1 week and I love having fun activities for the kids to play with while we watch. I know the hours wear on the kids after 2 days, but it's important to me that we are all together listening to church leaders and their amazing stories and lessons for us. We play a game every session involving candy, of course! The kids each pick 1 word and write it down. Whenever they hear their word, they get to pick a treat from the bowl and eat it. I usually use fruit snacks, jelly beans, marshmallows or chocolate chips so they are not OD-ing on candy all morning- and they love it! They are actually listening to the talks and getting a little treat every once inawhile too. I love the site and on there she has General Conference packets you can print for your kids (for free)! They are geared for ages 10 and under (my guess) and are super cute. I printed out 3 on white cardstock for the bigger kids, I think they will have fun. After Conference is over and if they are filled in, they can pick a prize from the surprise box! I've also had them write word lists where they have to write down 10- 20 words they heard during conference. Candy is always an incentive in our house! I also let them make confrence books. I get out construction paper, staplers, crayons, glue and old Friend magazines. They cut pictures from the magazines and glue them into their books. It keeps the girls busy for awhile. I also get out coloring books and quiet toys for Willow.