Thursday, June 2, 2011

True Love...

This is how much my G-ma loves me!!! Look at all this thread, ribbon, lace, yarn, fabric, tuelle & plastic silverware! I AM IN HEAVEN!!!
Thanks G-ma, you sure know the way to my heart!

My Grandparents are here!!!

I wish there were words to express the amount of love, respect and devotion I have for my grandparents, but simply put, there are not.
There are not enough words to even give you a glimmer of how my world rises and sets around them, how weak my heart gets every time G-pa walks us out to the car and then waits at the top of his driveway waving until we are gone, or how many times I call G-ma for a recipe, to vent or just hear her voice.
These two incredible people have sacraficed a million moments of their time and their lives- just to make ours better. They helped raise us. They fed us. Clothed us. Let us live with them. Took us on vacations. Drove us to work in the berry field. Taugh us the importance of hard work. Opened our first savings account. Taught us to save. Taught us to love. To take care of family and to love the Lord. They taught us that the world wasn't big enough to hold all the love they felt for us and that they would go to the end and back if they had too just to make sure we were safe.They gave us more love and time than we knew what to do with- and now- that is what we cherish because we finally understand that what they gave us was the most amazing gift in the entire world.
I can't begin to count how many perms G-ma gave me growing up & how I wish her arms were there to help me now-everytime I put one in myself. Or how she took me to the temple for the first time and sewed white lace on my temple slippers. Or how they were there when we was married and came out to Rexburg to visit us and we ate at Big Judds, and then came here to visit after we bought our house 4 years ago. I love when we go home to Seattle and we stay a night with them and the boys go play golf & G-ma & I go thrift store shopping and she makes all my favorite food even when she tired of hearing all my requests. I love the packages of random socks, beads and cards she ALWAYS sends me home with and the times we stay up past midnight playing Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo...
Almost every happy memory of my entire life includes them. There are thousands of memories... they were there for every single moment that mattered and I can never thank them like I should. I guess my love in return is all that is expected, but oh, how I wish there was something I could do to repay them for an incredible life filled with enough love to sprinkle around an entire universe.
(To say we are close is an understatement of a lifetime!)

I adore them. I ache for them. I honor them. Am lost without them. Smile when I think of them and cry when I think they endured the long drive all the way here just to spend time with us for a few days. Thank you G-ma & G-pa. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We love you!

Memorial Day...

It was great to have lots of friends over for Shane & Chelsea's get together on Monday! It was fun to decorate in red, white & blue, although there are no pictures! Oh well...