Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baby Bracelets & Flower Rubber bands...

I have lots of super cute felt flowers right now that I've turned into baby bracelets! Each one comes on a smaller band that doesn't pinch babies skin. If you want child/adult size, they come on a larger band that would work as a bracelet or hair tie. They are $ 1.50 each and come in vibrant colors!

Colors to choose from:

light pink
burnt gold
light blue
**OR** multi colored (pick your colors. up to 5)

Instead of rubber bands, these can be made with a: bobby pin, an alagator clip, a straight clip, head band, baby head band, pin, paper clip or magnet! Just let me know! (Head bands will cost extra.)

Super Cute Owls- $ 2.00

I fell in love with this owl and thought you might too! I'm selling them for $ 2.00 each and have lots of colors to choose from! I have super cute trees coming soon as well! (The owls are are 6 inches tall)Let me know if you want a different size, prices will vary based on what size you want!

Colors to choose from:

light pink
hot pink
light blue
lime green
light orange
light purple
**Thanks pigtails paper trails for letting me purchase this svg file!)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Making out with Shaun White...

You know you're watching a lot of the Olympics when you start dreaming about making out with one of the players. Yeah, leave it to me to have an innapropriate dream about Shaun White. I don't even snowboard, nor have the desire, and I only watched it for 3 minutes last night, and I'm dreaming about his big kissable mouth? I'm so naughty! Sorry Trav, I couldn't help it. I'd much rather run my fingers through your hair anyway! (actually, I do love Shaun's red hair, I just think a girl should have inherited it instead. Such a waste, when good hair goes to a dude.)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

RSV, an ear infection, strep throat & the bug...

This past week has been wild, and I'm thankful almost everything has settled down a little bit. It started about 8 weeks ago when the bug broke down and we realized it was going to cost a fortune to fix. Because my husband adores me, he agreed to spend 3,000 dollars and have it fixed for me. (No we didn't have the $, so he moved things around, found a way and made it happen. We had our VW guy, Rick, work on it, but because of 100 different reasons, it took 6 1/2 weeks to complete. I learned a lot more about patience during that time of not having a car for a month. (My dear friend Angie loaned us her car for 2 1/2 weeks while she borrowed her MIL while they were on vacation) A month was long enough without transportation and everyday I prayed that my babies wouldn't crack their heads open and need to be rushed to the hospital. We survived without the bug, but were VERY thankful to pick her up a few nights ago!!! Did I mention it has a faster engine??? Very cool. And that Trav is installing my new seats?? I love that man.

Last Friday I woke up with a really sore throat and by Saturday morning, I was sicker than sick. I was throwing up, every inch of my body ached beyond belief (even my eye lids hurt!) I had a fever, my throat was KILLING me, I had no energy and I just wanted to die. By Sunday morning I was crying it hurt so much, I could hardly swallow and had white sores all over my throat,so Trav took me into Primary Health and in about 2 seconds found out I had strep. I got on super wonderful drugs and started feeling better awhile after. No wonder people only lived until age 40 a long time ago. I was in bed for 2 1/2 days straight and had NO idea what my poor children were doing all those hours. My wonderful friends took care of me, and boy, was I thankful to have them. Chelsea brought pizza over & Lisa did my dishes and vaccuumed for me. Annikan & Angie were the greatest helpers with Daisy's party, making treats and helping- I was pretty out of it, but we made it through and had a great party for her.

I took the girls into the Dr. a few days ago for shots and found out that Willow has RSV and an ear infection- and that the rest of the kids probably have suffered with the same thing for the past month. They have all had terrible coughs/colds that never really went away and then got worse. Willow was miserable the other day, but is such a great sport. She has medicine for her ear, but it breaks my heart to her her wheezing & crackling when she breathes. I am so thankful for doctors and medicine (except for when Grace found the medicine, overdosed and then I had to call poison control! Not fun, but she was okay. That was about 2 weeks ago- and scared the cr*p out of me too!)

I am thankful to have alot of the big things done and off my To Do list, so now I can relax a little. Valentine's day is almost over, no parties for awhile, I gave my RS lesson today, we had our taxes done last night, no appointments for a long time, we have running cars, I'm done cooking the 60 pounds of hamburger- so I'm good! I think I'll take a bath and call it a night. There's our little update...

Valentines Day Breakfast...

Growing up, my Mom always gave us breakfast in bed on valentines day. She always had red and pink food and yummy treats on a tray she had decorated at probably 5:00 AM. I couldn't wait for to come in my room, turn on my light and say "Happy Valentine's Day!" Even if it was pink frosted Pop tarts and red juice, it was the greatest and I looked forward to it every year. I adore my Mom and I am so thankful for all 500 traditions she started and still does to this day. Because my kiddos are still little and the thought of giving them breakfast in bed, scared the cr*p out of me, I decided to just have a Valentine's day breakfast at the table. 9:00 AM church made it kind of rushed this morning, but I thought, "If Mom could do it with all those kids, so can I." So with about 3 hours of sleep last night, an alarm that went off too early and 6 people to get ready and out the door- this is what I managed to do. Pink heart shaped pancakes, pinapple, juice & treats. Nothing amazing, but hopefully something they will remember as much as I do. I love you Mama!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Last minute valentine's gift idea...

I meant to have this posted a lot sooner, but I just finished awhile ago. I found the idea on a blog (I'll find it again and post it,I don't remember which one right now!) and thought it was adorable, so I made one for Trav this year. Don't judge me, but they are a little naughty, so I wont tell you what I labled them! They would be great for any occasion, b-day party favor, baby shower etc...

Gator Award...

Last week, Tristin received the Gator Award from school! We were really proud of him, and in honor of the special award, the girls and I were able to go to school and eat lunch with him in the cafateria. The girls were SOOO excited, so at 11:25, we walked to the school and met Tristin there. It was a lot of fun (except we had to bring him home with us- he was still pretty sick and had already missed a day of school.)

Oh, the madness...

I'm kidding, I absoultly love having parties for my kids. I always want them to feel special, loved and important and watching their eyes light up over the yummy treats & decorations makes my heart smile. I love my Daisy girl...

Miss Daisy turns 5...

I have no idea how my little lady grew up so fast, but she did! And yes, we celebrated with ANOTHER princess party! She had such a great time playing, opening presents, eating food and wacking the pinata! She even got the princess bike that she wanted (thanks for the b-day money, Dad- it helped pay for her bike!)No pictures though, my batteries died!) It was a great night, and thank you Annikan and Angie for all your help, it was definatly needed this time around- having strep throat really kicked my butt!

Holy Cow, look who's pregnant...

No, it's not me! The kids woke up the other morning (Daisy's b-day) and started putting balloons up their PJ's. They wanted me to document the very special occasion, so here are my rug rats pretending to be pregnant!

random pictures...

Here's a few of Willow & Grace. Grace LOVES baths just as much as I do, so when she saw the kitchen sink full of hot soapy water, she couldn't contain herself, she had to hop up and soak her feet in it. It didn't matter that I was soaking water bottles, she just had to "get warm."

Church Basketball...

Trav's not a basketball player, but when Jared called him a few weeks ago to play, he thought, "why not? He's only played 2 games and only scored 10 points, but it's still fun to watch him- and the kids have LOVED playing at the church and staying up WAY past their bed time! (Jared, hope you like the pictures! I tried not to let you down!)I'm proud of my 32 year old husband for getting out there and doing his best!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fun at Lowes...

We went to Lowes a few days ago so Trav could pick up some wood to make new drawers for Grace's bed. The girls were having so much fun playing around. They are pretty cute together... (I don't know how to delete the blurry picture, sorry!)

A few projects...

Ohmigosh! Last week I was driving home when out of no where, I saw a YARD SALE SIGN! A real one too (not one that the goof ball forgot to take down all year long), and in January! So, with about .25 to my name, I couldn't pass it up. Sure enough, I found a ton of little things and a few big things (like the perfect sized shelf to go in my overflowing pantry/craft area. The clip board was .25, the jar was .75 which I really needed for snacks and the "adorable" chicken/duck spoon/ladel set for .25 (I had to drive home and get more money!)Oh I can't wait for yard sale season to begin!!!!
Just a little paper & Mod Podge and they look a lot better!
I found the birds at the dollar store (Dollar Tree) and I thought they would look better pray painted white. After SEVERAL coats, they turned out super cute, except one of the birds decided to crackle a little bit. I kept them outside in the cold, so I wouldn't do that again! But hey, you get the idea. Then I found the "Family Rules" idea on this blog: I added our own rules of course, which include: Take your shoes off, always tell the truth, Just do your best, pray always, no jumping on the furniture, How do you ask?, nothing happens when you whine & no toys at the table. I used a canvas I bought from a yard sale over the summer (.50) and paper I had, some Mod Podge, ribbon & vinyl lettering. Kind of fun!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Oh, how I love this little girl... she looks like an orphan in most of these pictures, but they made me smile!
# 1- Yes, she is phasing out of naps, but she despretely needs one everyday. We were on our way to Michelle's house the other night when we were all getting loaded in the car. "Where's Grace? " I yelled. "She's asleep on the bathroom floor!" Daisy yelled back. She must have been really tired to pick that place to lay down and close her eyes!
# 2- Trav is in the process of making new drawers for Grace's bed because she keeps standing on the other ones and breaking them. Here they are building the new ones. Can't wait until they're done!
# 3- Like most 3 year olds, Grace changes her clothes literally 50 times a day, so here she is in a wonderful outfit of her choosing!
# 4- The teeth. Trav found his Halloween teeth last week and the kids had a blast playing with them! They wouldn't stop cracking up!

Family night, washing the van, Grace & the puppy, Olive hands...

Here's just a few random pictures over the past few weeks...