Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The 12 days of horror...

Let's just say the past 12 days have been the most difficult of my parenthood journey, thus far. If you have been sparred from revolting and awful lice, thank the Lord right now and all the surrounding angels, because you are one blessed family!
The past 12 days have been filled with the most intense cleaning & disinfecting I have ever been apart of in my entire life, (Cleaning, scrubbing, vacumming, soaking, bleaching, spraying, shampooing & washing), hours and hours of discusting egg removal EACH DAY, and laundry like you would never imagine. Try 78 loads, my friends. I wish I was kidding- but I'm not. That's 78 washes AND 78 loads to fold, plus 5 on just high dry. That's how crazy it has been over here. And did I mention, another family member was blessed to get it as well??? Yeah, life has been a joy. I have had more panic attacks and out- of- my- mind experiences, to last a lifetime. Thanks Mom, G-ma & Angie for talking me through this- it's been so awful.

And did I mention I'm in charge of Super Saturday in 4 days? In the wee hours of morning and quiet hours of night, I have compliling, cutting, sorting and organizing 314 items & putting them into baggies with everyone's name on them. I am offically wiped out. I am offically crazy. And I am seriously contemplating running away for a month or two! I think I learned this year, if I am still in charge next year, to SIMPLIFY. The funny thing is- I did compared to last year! i just wanted all the ladies to have fun making all their cute crafts... I think there are about a million things wrong in my head.