Tuesday, January 13, 2015

8th Annual Family noodle bath!

Here are the pictures of our bath the other day! It was another crazy moment that makes us all laugh like crazy. I started it so long ago and we count down the days until our "noodle bath"- it's messy, wild and so much fun! Happy birthday to me!

My birthday!

I had the best birthday! I stayed in my pj's until 4:30, crocheted, did house work and laundry, relaxed, had our noodle bath, ate pizza, cheesecake, bagels and then took Grace to a party. Tristin and I went shopping for wood, paint and fabric- how awesome!!! Trav was really sick- but he took me to town the weekend before to go yarn shopping- so I was good! My friends had a nice bday lunch for me too- it was wonderful!

Art therapy, family game night, snow and teaching Tristin to crochet...

I went to an art workshop with Lisa and it was so good for me. We made crazy Picaso heads and had a blast. I got my hands messy, tried not to care and just have fun- it was just what I needed! We continued a great Christmas break with games, relaxing and having fun as a family while many of the kiddos were sick with horrible coughs.

Roman & Willow....

I love these little monkey's! I'm so grateful I get to be with them everyday!

New Year's!

We were inviting over to our friends house for New Year's and we had a blast! It was a couples Bunco night theme and Cassie did a great job at hosting it! She even had a birthday we helped celebrate! It was really fun and felt nice to be invited!


I've wanted to learn for years. I actually tried for 5 seconds a few years ago and gave up on the idea of ever being able to sit long enough and enjoy it, but deep inside- I craved it and was seceretly scared of it- so after Christmas I told myself I was going to learn and I didn't care how long it took- I was going to learn to sit, relax and create- and so I did! I'm still learning- but I've got the hang of it and I love it! It is such great therapy and I wish I had picked it up years ago- but it's ok. It's a little gift for me to enjoy now and I'm grateful for the calm it brings. Plus- I'm totally obsessed with yarn now!My friend Christy sent me a package full of yarn last week and Ang just sent some for my birthday- such sweet friends!


We had a really nice Christmas and stayed here in town. The passes were too scarey- so I cooked a turkey, we went caroling, had dinner at the Hassing's and relaxed- it was a great day filled with lots of super presents and lots of fun!It was nice to be with Trav and the kids and start out own thing in our new place- I missed family though- it was strange not to be with them, but it worked out and it was a nice day.