Thursday, June 13, 2013

Naughty shirts...

I'm not sure what it means, but I keep finding naughty little shirts for Roman!!!

Andrea & Christy's birthday get together!

We got together for a BBQ on Sunday to celebrate the girl's b-days! It was great to hang out, let the kids play and eat food non stop! I love you ladies! And maybe next time I won't wear my PJ's and actually think about looking presentable!!! Happy birthday!!!

Fun at the parks.....

We've taken the kids to a lot of parks around town and they've been having a lot of fum being outside! I love to see them off the Tv and computer!!!

11 months old!

Mr. Roman is 11 months old today, which means, next month we will be celebrating his 1st birthday! I am in denial of course, but we are having a blast with him. He is walking around as long as he's holding onto something and he's learning to balance and stand on his own. He says "Uh oh" when he drops something. He waves goodbye when you say it, gives ginormous open mouth kisses when you ask for one and claps when you say "Yeahhhh" He is adorable and we love him!

Mr. Tristin

It's so hard to watch him grow up!!! He is such a good boy and a great help around the house as long as he earns more computer time!

Miss Grace...

I love the one of her swinging from the bars- she's always hanging, flying or jumping on something!

Miss Daisy

Daisy is enjoying her Summer so far although she does miss school, her friends and her teacher!

Miss Willow...

I love this little girl!