Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Half way done!!! 20 weeks!

I have been so side tracked with Daisy's "situation", that I haven't posted any baby news in awahile. I am 20 weeks and delighted to find out what this little critter is next week! I have no clue, no feeling, no nothing. I'm just tired and exhausted to do anything other than make a baby and take care of 4 others.

Thngs are going well, except for my growing thighs and fat deposits showing up everywhere possible on a human body.

We will struggle with names this time around- I know that. Why did Trav suddenly get an opinion? After we know, then we can work that. Here's to the next 19 weeks of pure bliss!

Another lice outbreak- sombody kill me, please!

I haven't been able to post about it because of the pure horror of it all- until now...

The day after daisy's birthday party, I was doing her hair for school when I noticed red bumps all over the back of her neck and ears. I just stood there in shock and said, "Daisy- has your head been itchy?????"
She said, " No, not really."

Like a monkey, I started pawing through her hair and it only took 1 second to see she was covered in eggs. I literally started bawling. I couldn't help it. It poured out of me and I lost it. How could this be happening- AGAIN? And to ME??? I had been doing her hair everyday- pulling it back for school- HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THIS???

I threw her in the tub where she sat crying herself- because she knew exactly what we were in for and she was horrified as well.

I called school and told them the kids wouln't be in, and I just cried. I called my Mom and she tried to calm me down, but nothing worked. I called my G-ma and cried and she told me I had to settle down for the sake of the baby- but that didn't work either. I don't know how long I cried, or how long I left Daisy in the tub without returning to her- but it was a very long time.

I had to call all the little girl's that were at the party the night before and explain, (once again to most of them) that Daisy had lice and that I was beyond horrified and sorry- but check your girls! I called the Rec where she was doing gymnastics, I called church so they would be informed and I called the school to confirm that it was indeed head lice. Those were the worst calls to make.Trust me. I definatly won the biggest Mom loser award of the century.

We shampooed everyone's hair, we wore shower caps, we went to the laundry mat, we did laundry at G-ma's, we did laundry at our house, we cleaned, we vacuumed, we put toys with batteries away in bags to freeze, we cleaned the van, we vacuumed the van, we ripped the beds apart, we shampooed carpets and couches and washed or dried every single piece of clothing in the house- once again, and then again, and again and again. I haven't even kept track this time because I couldn't muster the energy to do anything other than damage control.

Daisy had over 55 live bugs in her hair and 181 eggs the first day. That is the most discusting thing in the entire world. Seriously! What was going on at school??? I did find out that there was an outbreak in the first grade, so that explained it and her best friend had it too, so that made sense, but honestly, AGAIN???

Weeks later, she is fine. She was checked by the nurse, we continue to check and do EVERYTHING under the sun to prevent and we have all had more shampoo treatments just to make me feel better. She still wears a shower cap and anything she wears at school is promptly removed and washed the moment she enters the house. Everyone else has been fine but I swear to the Heavens and back- if this happens again any time soon, I will run away and probably never return.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day...

Every Valentine's Day the kids get a "fancy breakfast" and they love it. This year they were tickled when they saw: poptarts, manderine oranges, and dessert kabobs (with donuts & heart shaped marshmallows), they had milk in fancy glasses and lots of treats for later too!

Later that morning, the little girls and I went to my Dr. visit, and made our deleveries to our friends at Albertson's. Every holiday we take treats to the workers and they love it. It sounds silly, but some feel like family now. (Actually, Trav is off to JJ's house after work to fix her computer, I'm sad I don't get to go hang out!) The girl's were given valentine balloons from the manager and then we went home for lunch.

After dinner and gymnastics, we made more deleveries and came home just in time for showers and bed. I was so tired. Trav and I layed in bed and watched a really good movie- that's it. That was our amazing Valentine's. Kind of what you expect from a 5 month pregnant wife of 12 years right???
(Actually, we went out last week for dinner. I was craving my Goodwood sandwich more than anything in the world, so we made that our Valentine date, which also included a trip to look at fabric, of course!)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tristin is in gymnastics...

Last Wed when i took the girls to their first gymnastics practice, tristin came too. After 10 minutes he said, "Mom, I want to be in gymnastics!" So after the class we got him signed up for Tuesday nights. 2 nights ago was his first practice and he loved it. It was great to watch him enjoying himself and having a good time.

Littlest Pet Shop Party...

Daisy had a Littlest pet shop party tonight. (For those of who who have no clue: They are small plastic animals with little bobble heads!)I didn't get pictures of everything, but she had a fun time. They had a bean bag toss, pin the tail on the animal, ate dinner, opened presents ate cupcakes, played and ran around the house screaming and laughing. It was a great night, and I am thrilled to have it done (is that awful to say??? I swear I'm just not with anything these days!)
She had lots of friends over, a lot of fun and it was great to see her smiling and happy. Happy 7th b-day sweety pie!
(Thanks Dad and Mom for the B-day money. We will put some in the bank!)

Happy 7th Birthday Daisy!!!

Today Miss Daisy Mae turned 7. Seven. I am still in shock. It seems like just yesterday I was doing laps around the maternity ward struggling with the worst contractions of my life.
I'll never forget the day she ws born and I have loved every second of every day with her since.
She is definatly growing up, the drama is beginning (thank you school), but she is still the sweetest thing on the planet. She is as good as it gets, incredibly helpful, still very tender and the kindest girl you'll ever meet. I have adored her for 7 years. I couldn't love you more sweet girl.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Baby news...

The ultra sound was almost a month ago, the picture was taken today by my 6 year old.

Baby update:

Yes, I am still alive! But these past few months just about killed me. I am beyond grateful to have children, but being pregnant is awful. I know I am lucky, but oh my goodness it has been horrible. I am feeling a lot better, but still spending my free time (except for updating the blog)in bed, or the bath or in my bathrobe. I'm still feeling nauseaus, but I'm up now and I made it to church last week and today- finally! The vomiting was horrible, the sickness was awful, the months in bed was really irritating and my poor neglected children...

It didn't help at all that I had every sickness and infection on top of the worst part of pregnancy. I was in and out of the Dr several times, was on 4 antibiotics and/or drugs and was in so much pain. I had broncothis for almost 2 months(and still can't get rid of this cough!) Pulled 2 muscles coughing SOOOOOO MUCH,(I was given pain killers for that) and suffered with what was exactly like strep throat for more than a month. (I've had it so many times, and this was the absoulte worst case I had ever had, although my test came back negative, I almost died from the pain, all I could do was lay in bed and cry. Every part of me killed- I was so miserable.I had to go back in a few weeks later because I couldn't take the pain. My throat was caving in, the cough was so awful, and the pulled muscle hurt so mach I just cried. I was FINALLY given antibiotics and 3 other drugs to help get better.) It was a horrible few months, let me tell you.

Plus we had a scare when the Dr. couldn't find the baby's heart beat. I was told not to panic, left the clinic in tears and called my OB right away. She fit me in later that day and did find a little heart and baby squirming away! Thank goodness!

Trav was a trooper and held down the fort for those few months. He kept up on laundry, the kids, the house and cooking. He took them to movies, the park and read stories. Lara brought dinner one night which was so sweet and thoughtful and Shelly brought a loaf of bread last week that I quickly devoured.

I am almost 17 weeks and look like I'm carrying 13 kids. I feel huge. I feel gross and so unattractive. i feel like I'm one of those capsules you put in water and watch as it grows right before your eyes. I know it's my 7th pregnancy, but why does my body have to expand at such a rapid rate??? (Being 15 pounds heavier this time around surly hasn't helped the body image thing either) I am so exausted and seriously My bre*sts have tripled in size. I'm not used to having cleavage, and it isn't fun! We will find out in awhile what this little critter is, I wish my OB would just tell me what it is when I go in next week- but I have to wait another 3 weeks until she'll do my offical ultrasound. Darn it! (she was a sweet heart and shortened 2 of my visits so we wouldn't have to wait until I'm 6 months pregnant to find out, so that was nice of her.)
I'm starting to feel the baby move, which is always weird at first. You doubt it for awhile wondering if you really felt it, but I'm pretty sure this wiggle worm is kicking away. I'll keep you posted with every boring detail from now on!


Last week was the girls first time in gymnastics and they LOVED IT!!! I was able to get them in the same class, which was a total life saver and now they look forward to every Wednesday!
After Tristin saw the girl's, he wanted to join too, so we signed him up on Tuesday evenings- we will see how he likes it in a few days!


Fun with boxes...

Feeding the ducks...

Fun at the park!

Snow & Oranges...

The girls had fun playing in the snow a few weeks ago and they loved their orange smiles!

Shane, Chelsea & the twins come for a visit!

I was so happy to see everyone when they came to town for a visit! We love you guys SOOO much!

Our noodle bath!

My birthday this year was anything but eventful. I was in bed all day sicker than a dog, throwing up and needing drugs beyond belief.
I did manage to get up for 30 minutes for our annual noodle bath- but I think only 10 or 12 packs were used this year. I just couldn't handle the smell of it or the horrible clean up it would require. Notice I didn't even get in this year. I just put my feet in, still in my Pj's with a nasty ponytail and looking like death.
The girls had a blast and I quickly resumed to my cave after it was over!This was my first year I would have payed not to do it!

Mom makes my birthday cake!

When Mom was here, she made me a birthday cake and then we decorated it super crazy. Why not? Right? What else do you do when you are turning 32! I pulled out every holiday decoration I had and we went to town. Beside's my giraffe cake when I turned 12, this was my favorite!Thanks Mom!

G-ma & G-pa come for a visit!

When Mom called a few months ago and asked what I was doing Jan 6th-8th, I replied, "Probably laying in bed Mom." She asked if it would be okay if they flew over and I said, "Of course, Mama- just don't expect me to do anything!"

They flew out for the weekend and it was the best couple of days I had had in a long time.
Mom cooked a few things to put in the freezer, we went out to eat a lot, we played BINGO,the boys went to a hockey game, we walked around the peacock park, and mom had a little birthday party for me. It was a great few days. Thanks for everything Mama!!!