Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I just want to squeeze those cheecks!

Willow is now 6 days old and already loves to shop at Target & Albertsons, we've discovered! Everybody just absoultly adores her and there are daily arguments over who gets to hold her first, get the diaper out or put socks on her. She sleeps most of the day except for feedings and diaper changes, and usually wakes up around midnight, just as we are about to go to bed, but we really can't complain. My favorite moments with her are when she is wide awake and content and shes snuggled on my chest, or when one of her tiny, wrinkled, old lady hands grabs a hold of one of my fingers and doesn't let go. I love all of her little noises, dressing her in cute pink clothes and watching her drift off to sleep. She is perfect and I love her to pieces!