Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My view...

Back home in Idaho I never sat- there was never time. But here in Washington, I have learned the art of sitting and my favorite spot is on my couch that looks out toward the mountains. I watched my neighbors tree turn color in the fall and then I watched it turn the most gorgous yellow before dropping all its leaves. I was actually sad as it shed because I could feel the cold blowing in and the seasons changing. We had the most beautiful sunrise last week and then the snow came a few days later. I am trying to sit, breath and enjoy the simple pleasures. I am trying to be in the moment more and realize that my moments are few and the time I waste feeling sad benifits no one. I am making progress... it's slow, but it's in the right direction now.

My Seattle weekend with Mom and Oprah Winfrey!

For Mom's 60th, my brother, Jesse got Mom 2 tickets to see Oprah at her "life you want weekend". Mom invited me right after she found out about it and the planning began! My friend Dee, let us stay in her time share for 2 nights and it was beautiful! It was just a few blocks from the montarail, so the first night we took that and then walked to Key Arena. The flight over went great- Mom & Brent picked me up and I couldn't believe I was somewhere without my kiddos! We picked up a burger before Brent dropped us off at our hotel. We unpacked our stuff and then spent the next few hours relaxing before the first night began. Oprah spoke the entire time and it was amazing! She was so uplifting, so inspiring and so honest. It was emotional, it was energy filled and often sad to reflect on where I felt I was lacking. I took notes, agreed to make changes and sat next to my beautiful Mama as we experienced everything together. The 2nd day was great too! We took a taxi in, We spent a few minutes collecting free stuff in O town and found where to get our magic bracelets. We took our seats again ( which were the best seats ever!!!)and spent the rest of the day listening to more amazing speakers. There were workshop moments spent in our books, loud music blarring during intermission, a boxed lunch that we enjoyed and then more uplifting hours before it ended. It was the greatest weekend ever. We got to see Eli & Cindy the last night and Jesse & Sara the first night. We went to Dick's burgers, drove to the look out point in Queen Ann, and I was even carded for the firs time at a fun little resturant. I didn;t want to go home, but Sunday morning came and my sweet family drove almost 2 hours to pick me up,so I had to return. I loved every second with Mom. Oprah was breath taking, real, motivating and really funny. Her team was inspirational and taught life changing principals. It will forever be one of my fondest memories with my dear Mama who was so kind to share it with me. Thank you Mom for the greatest weekend!

Halloween/Harvest fun!

We had a great Halloween this year! We went over to our friends house after we took the kids trick or treating and had a super fun time! The day after we had a church party and it turned out awesome too! My friend Lisa and I won the Mac N cheese contest even!

Happy 37th birthday Trav!

My sweet man turned 37 awhile back and I still love him just as much when he was 21!

Aunt Helene come for a visit!

I love it when my Auntie comes out for a visit! We always have lots of fun eating, playing games, relaxing, eating pizza, opening presents she brings and having a great time. The kids were in Heaven because she brought her dog this time and they loved it! I think Kenia was pretty tired so he had to rest a little- but the kids loved taking him for short walks. We went to a Harvest Festival in the rain, we walked down to the farmers market, we went out for pizza, we went geo caching for a few days, drove out to Travs work so she could see the dam, played at the park and didn't want her to leave! Thanks Auntie for coming! We can't wait for next month!