Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Willow's Party...

We finally had Willow's actual birthday party this evening. It was nice and small with only 15 people this time! We could actually see the kitchen floor, which was quite amazing!
We waited to celebrate because G-ma & Gpa B. went out of town for the weekend and today seemed to work out best.
I kept this party super simple with a potato & salad bar, cupcakes, cookies, Angie's peanut butter bars, veggies, strawberries & dip and water. the kids played, Willow changed into a swimsuit half way through the party and everything was lovely. Happy Birthday week Little Miss Muffet.

(Oh, and P.S, I didn't even do the girl's hair today- that's how cool I am! So here's to orphan pictures!)

Trav's amazing spider web...

A few years ago around this time, Trav asked for some rope or yarn to make a spider web outside. Shocked by his unusual request, I handed him a ball of red yarn and peeked out the window to watch him do his "craft project."
Much to my surprise- he constructed the coolest (8 foot in diameter) spider web.
My Mom and Brent saw it when they came to visit that year and they were both in awe of it's awesome-ness and couldn't stop talking about it.
He didn't make one last year, but yesterday when he came home after a long day at work- he once again asked for some yarn to make his web.
I skipped to my craft stash and grabbed my huge box of yarn so he could pick his own color this year. He choose grey and off he went with the kids to construct, once again, an amazing ginormous web outide our door.
I wish the picture was better- because it is honestly a work of art. All by himself he just figured out how to do it- and he didn't even look at a craft blog to get the idea like I often do! Way to go Mr Amazing!

The cheapest therapy...

One day while Kara & I were canning, conversation turned to The Office. I told her I couldn't wait for Season 7 to come out because I was in desprete need of "new material."
She looked at me and said, "Em, it's out!"
"Shut up" I squealed. "I've been meaning to check online for the release date, I just never have!"
"Yeah, it's out, we just bought it (but then returned it because she has a way better consious than I do!)It was $ 39.99."
I ran to the computer, hopped on Ebay, found a new one for $ 24.24 which included shipping and bought it that second without hesitating, (and no, I didn't order it from China again, although I could have saved $ 4.00 by doing so- but the lingering smell of noodles that incased my boxed set was so unsettling to me last time I opted for the sold-in-the-USA version this round.)
I knew 24 bucks was a small price for the months of relief it was about to bring into my life (and I missed a Dr app and had the $)
It arrived a few days later and I'm on Round # 3 of watching the entire Season already. Yeah, I know I have issues & yeah I know there are 24 episodes plus bonus footage that I have induldged in for hours for the third time- but I simply adore it. When the day has been incredibly long, the kids especially difficult, when dinner hasn't turned out and the laundry seemed to explode throughout the day- I know that after the kids are asleep and my chores are done- I will have sweet, sweet relief when I see Dwight's handsome face staring back at me!

Bigger than the world...

I had to write this one down quickly before I forgot it. Less than a hour ago I was taking a picture of Grace sleeping- you know, just one of those Mommy momments. She opened her eyes (probably due to the flash) and said, "Mommy, I love you."
I smiled and said, "I love you too Grace."
"Bigger than the world?" she asked.
"Yes, bigger than the world, twinkle toes." I replied.

"Bigger than the atonement," she asked.
"Just as much as the atonement." I answered with a smile on my face.

Afterwards I had one of those moments were I was completely overwhemled with gratitude for the gospel in my life. I am beyond grateful for the sacrafice Jesus Christ made for each one of us. He died because he loved us and because we were worth it.
There were several General Confrence talks that really sttod out this past weekend, and I walked away realizing that even if I don't believe it as much as I should- I am important. I am seen. I am loved. I am heard. I do matter. My life does count & I am a remarkable woman.
I am truely grateful for the atonement in my life and for the postive example of Christ's life we have to look to. I am grateful that we are teaching our children what we belive to be true. In a world were so many people do not believe in God or his son, I am so thankful I have the knowledge and testimony that they are very real and very much apart of my life.