Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shane, Chelsea & the twins are in town!

It was wonderful to see evryone at the twins party last night!
oh, how we adore them!

A really strong feeling...

My heart has absoultly ached for so many people around the world that have been affected by the natural diasters the past few months. As a family, we have prayed everyday for these people and we have talked a lot about what we can do to be as safe as possible.
I FIRMLY believe in being as prepared as possible within your own budget. I use coupons to stock up on food, diapers, bathroom needs, cleaners, clothes, gifts, emergency tools and other items my family may need- but I also know my limits and boundries and stay balanced. I pick up emergency supplies at yard sales (check those FREE boxes!)I store water, I can, I try to garden, I donate, I have emergency kits in the car, back pack 72 hour kits, I get creative & I teach others what I do so they can be prepared as well.
My Mom has worked for the City of Tacoma for a zillion years in the Emergency manegment office, so I grew up with it too. Thankfully our amazing church teaches it as well and holds classes, gives monthly tips and TONS of other info to help us be as prepared as possible. Our church also helps thousands & thousands of people around the world and I am proud to belong to an organization who gives and loves and supports the victims of these diasters.
It's easy to feel small and helpless when things like this occure, so I've decided to learn as much as possible from every event and apply it where I can.
(My friend Kara said when we were yard saling- that in Japan- they ran out of candles really quickly because they were out of electricity for so long- so when she scored a box of candles for .50- she grabbed them!)

Even with all of that- I knew I needed to do better. I knew the car was stocked with a lot of items, but I was lacking in EACH of us having a backpack. I had a few packed- but it was time to pull 6 out, and make sure, incase there was a diaster ready to hit our area- we would EACH have 72 hours worth of supplies. Due to space, I'm sure I'm under on a few recommandations- but I feel I packed the best I could with what I had. I didn't purchase anything additional- I just used what I had around the house in my supplies.
***Hopefully this will modivate someone too!
I included:
*a change of clothes
*Food:peanut butter, dry soups, candy, gum, 3 water bottles, juice boxes, granola bars, fruit strips, crackers, trail mix, can opener
toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, soap,Q tips, comb, shampoo, lotion, first aid supplies, deotorant, girl supplies, advil, diapers, wipes, clorox wipes, toilet paper
*Books, pens, paper, cards, coloring books, crayons, scriptures
*Flashlight, pocket knife, tape, trash bags, fire extinguisher,

and a few other things I'm forgetting right now!
I need to add: rope, cash, wistles, candles

Our Anniversary & Cousin sleep over!

Well, the day started off with getting everyone ready by 8:00 AM, to discover I had locked the keys in the van- ON YARD SALE DAY!!! My heart was literally crushed, but I tried to change my attitude and realize there was a reason- I needed to start on a few cleaning projects in prep for my grandparents visiting- so I got busy and focused on that instead! I was super, super sad though, but when it rained almost ALL DAY- I felt better!
Later in the day, Trav came home from work and I ran to pick up some pizzas for the cousin's sleepover that was to take place in a few hours! Trav picked them up at 5:00, we ate, they played, watched a movie, ate popcorn & stayed awake until close to 11:00 PM!
We went out the night before, so it was fun to have the cousins over, although I must admit, 11:00 was pushing it for me!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Windchimes & Garden Markers...

Here are 2 windchimes I made for my Mom & G-ma for Mother's Day & a few of the garden markers too!

Hard at work...

The girls were helping me a few weeks ago on a project- they were pretty helpful!

Obey your Mother!!!

When your super sweet Mama sends you an Anniversary card with a few dollars in it and tells you to buy "something sinful to eat in bed"- you must obey!!!
With another Anniversary gift- we went out last night for a few hours- ate dinner, went to visit my dear sweet elderly couple I used to clean for & then grabbed some donuts of course! We hadn't been to Krispy Kreme in ages, so it was definatly "sinful."
Thanks Mom & Angie for a great night!
*** Can I just say how amazing my husband is! We were so close to Pollie & Elwood's house (I cleaned for them for 5 years) and I hadn't seen them in a long time, so when I said, "turn right, I have to see them."- he did. And we sat on their couch and talked, shared pictures & laughed. What guy agrees to go visit elderly people on his Anniversay date with his wife? What a great honey! Thank you!!!

What's a girl to do...

she's locked the keys in the van on yard sale day and the kids are ready by 8:00 AM, but it's raining anyway???
... clean & organize of course!
My super clean, neat freak grandparents (who I adore with every ounce of my being) arrive in 5 days- so the projects have begun!
I was working on in between the washer & dryer and Willow just had to help, so cute!!!

11 wonderful years...

11 incredible years...

As I get older, it gets more difficult to remember things- but what I will never forget 12 years ago- was how a skinny guy from Conrad Montana, who just returned from Brazil- made me feel like I was something special.
He was so thoughtful, so nervous, so sweet, so willing to share his testimony, so thankful, so dang smart, and so accepting of my hippie clothes- painted rocks- goofy boots and too much jewerly.
from the very first day- travis has accepted me and never once in our entire 12 years- ever tired to change me. I adore that in him and I appriciate it more than he will ever know. In doing that- he gave me the freedom I had been craving my entire life- the freedom to be me. The real, crazy, messed up me. It didn't matter how he found me- covered in paint from a wild project, or in a dress ready to go to church, in a tub full of noodles or in a hospital bed ready to give birth.
No matter how skinny I was, or as unpleasnt looking now- he has loved me. Every single part of me. He has accepted purple toe nails, a major sugar addition, a frumpy,ginormous red bingo sweatshirt that is worn almost every night, lack of amazing dinners, late night donut runs, years and years worth of "great deals" & nightly doses of the Office- he had put up with a lot!
I am proud to be married to him because of the amazing man he is. he serves endlessly and it makes my heart smile. when there is a need, trav is there to help- he is incredible, hard working, really smart, and the best Papa in the world!
After all these years, I am so happy to be married to one of the greatest guys out there. Simply- it doesn't get much better. Happy Anniversary sweet heart!

Standing in my truth...

In honor of Oprah- one thing I know for sure is: when you have a "feeling" or "prompting" to do something- YOU BETTER DO IT! There is a reason you're feeling it. There is a purpose behind it, and if it isn't done or fullfilled, you may never see the amazing blessings God gives you or performs in your life.
I am a believer of many things, and one of the greastest is: what goes around, comes around. I believe with all my heart,that what we give to the world is what eventually comes back to bless our lives. I also believe that it may come in another form- not exactly the one we put out there, but that's ok, too.
I have seen so many miracles in my life lately and it's because I have incredibly people surrounding me- and because I've chosen to see them as blessings and focus on the good they have brought to my life. I have found myself at his feet many times, feeling so unworthy, but needing to be there- just needing to feel his peace. I have had a friend tell me- it's ok to need help, it's your turn right now. Even though the guilt and shame find me, I agree, that we all need help sometimes and this cement wall I have built so high around me that has kept everyone out- hasn't been the friend I thought it would be...
I've always wanted to do it all on my own because I felt I was weak if I didn't. I belived that relying on anyone else meant that I was incapable, and I couldn't handle it. Even if it meant lying to world just to appear ok- I did it. I did everything right, almost 100% of the time- but I woke up one day wondering why I felt so awful inside.
I had to stop pretending, building walls, pushing people away and lying- and just accept I wasn't who I portrayed to be. I was not perfect, and my long, tedious jorney to live it, to be it and to feel it- had failed. So after years of fighting it- I turned to God and said for the first time in a very long time- "I need you."
...and the miracle was- he was already there. It was me that had moved so far away. It was me that was so tangled that I could feel his arms around me. All it took was saying those 3 words until I could feel it again.
The truth is, I need help. I am incapable. I am weak. And it's ok to need someone. It'sfinally ok to be honest and say, "No- it hasn't been a great day, but thanks for asking."
It's ok to decline when I'm not feeling up to helping with something. It's ok to sit down for 5 minutes and let my body catch up and it's ok to let those around me help for a few minutes before I push them away with tears in my eyes and an overwhelmed heart.
There have been some super gigantic miracles lately, and small ones too- all equal in my mind. I have had amazing friends know just what I needed, a mother who can read my mind, a husband who never stops loving me, children who delight my heart and yard sales that bless me with Cub Scout Bear necessities for .25! I am so grateful for my amazing life. I am beyond blessed and even though there has been a rough patch lately and I've been scared out of my mind- I see the bigger picture, I feel Heavenly Father's love- which only concludes, we will be just fine...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation!!

Poor Daisy has been sick for days now- and of all days to miss school, she missed her very last one! I did take her for her graduation though so she could say goodbye. She's back in bed now and I feel so bad for her. She hasn't eaten in days, her stomach is upset, she's throwing up off and on, she's lathargic, and just not herself.
It was a nice program, just crazy to have Summer break beginning in 29 minutes when Tristin arrives home!
(The good news now that it's Summer is: I can make my 6:00 AM Albertson's runs again! The bad news, I'll have all 4 kids with me when I do! Am I crazy to be up at 5:30 AM, dragging sleeping kids to the store just to get good deals when doublers come out??? I don't think so!)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pinewood Derby...

Pinewood Derby!!!

We had a fun night at the church! Tristin's car didn't win any races, but he was a really good sport, and we talked about how that's really the most important thing. He wanted to win, let me tell you- but he kept his composure and enjoyed the evening!He received a few awards/badges for the year too! Good job Tristin!

A Party on a budget...

I had to laugh yesterday when our neighbor boy- Liam said- "Wow, you sure spend a lot on parties, don't you?" (He was helping set up)
I just shook my head and said, "Nope. I got a lot of this at yard sales!"

It was funny because this was the least expensive party ever! Not that it was anything special (it was for Tristin- but I'm used to fancy, frilly, girly partys where I go all out and spend months preparing for!)
Here's the break down:

Decorations & paper Goods:
.25 for a HUGE bag of balloons, streamers, napkins & tissue paper!
.50 for a HUGE roll of red table cloth covering (Still have a ton)
.50 for a HUGE roll of bright yellow butcher paper (Still have a ton)
Homemade Pokemon banner= used butcher paper
$ 1.04- blue plates (clearenced from Target)
$ 1.50- Pokemon napkins
.50 blue beverage holder (yard sale)
Homemade Invites

FREE hot dogs with coupons
buns from costco= $ 2.00 something
drinks, chips, cookies = used coupons- cheap
Fruit- normal price $ 2.98

Treat bags: FREE or cheap stuff from coupons

Entertainment: FREE

Gifts: used $ 20.00 in Kohls gift cards that came FREE in the mail!! Awesome!
$ 2.49 for a model car from Michaels (on clearance a few months ago!)

Anyway- my advice for throwing a party is: buy clearanced items, buy new stuff at yard sales, buy food with coupons, make as much handmade as possible and get creative! It doesn't have to cost a lot of $ to throw a fun party!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Party was a success!

I think I am going on vacation for a month just to recover from the party! I'm definatly not used to a bunch of 9 year old boys and have SOOOO much more respect for those who work with that age! Bless their sweet, hearts! Holy Cow! they are SOOOO different than girls though!
We had a great Pokemon party & BBQ. Everyone made it, the kids played silly games (water ballon toss, egg races, running races & jumping races. Tristin opened presents, ate food and made $ 56.00 !!!
We love our little man- it was a fun evening!(There were 25 of us total!)