Monday, May 23, 2011

The Party was a success!

I think I am going on vacation for a month just to recover from the party! I'm definatly not used to a bunch of 9 year old boys and have SOOOO much more respect for those who work with that age! Bless their sweet, hearts! Holy Cow! they are SOOOO different than girls though!
We had a great Pokemon party & BBQ. Everyone made it, the kids played silly games (water ballon toss, egg races, running races & jumping races. Tristin opened presents, ate food and made $ 56.00 !!!
We love our little man- it was a fun evening!(There were 25 of us total!)

Happy 9th Birthday sweet boy...

It's crazy to think that 9 years ago I became a Mama for the first time. Tristin changed our worlds, he brought us real joy for the first time and made us realize how fragile life really was. He brought us more smiles than we knew were possible and endless laughs as he cycled through every phase of being a boy.
We adore all 9 years of him, and although I don't get all the talk about explosions, guns, knives and bleeding body parts, I couldn't love him more.
Happy Birthday sweet boy...