Thursday, December 9, 2010

Willow's first pig tails!

Even when Willow is dressed in hot pink covered in flowers- people still say, "Oh, he's so cute." Or "How old is he?" Now, I completely agree that she could go either way- but when I have her decked out in 8 shades of pink, I walk away really puzzled. I gave up on flowers in her hair because she just ripped them out, yes, even after gluing them to her head with Elmers. But Tuesday was a huge victory moment. I tried little piggies, and they worked! And she kept them in! (probably because I wrapped those rubberbands about a billion times, they weren't going anywhere!)
Anyway- we thought she looked pretty cute all grown up, so we did them yesterday too!

Annikan's "actual' birthday at Rosie's...

We got together at Rosie's house Tuesday for a Shelf Reliance Party (Which was AMAZING by the way. The food is INCREDIBLE!!!) and then we had a birthday lunch for Annikan- you know because food the night before just wasn't enough! Here are the girl's hanging out watching a movie.

Annikan's Birthday Party...

Monday night was Annikan's birthday party- I love this girl-and Olive Garden! We had a great time at dinner and then of course walked around Target afterwards. I love Annikan because she is always there for me. Love you Annikan!!

Angie's "Sweet 16"...

We went out 2 night ago to celebrate Angie's 28th birthday. We went to Red Robin and of course had a great time talking, eating , talking some more, and then eating some more. I love Angie with all my heart. She is truely one of the most selfless girls I know. She is the best (even if she moved 20 minutes away!)
Happy Birthday Ang!