Sunday, April 29, 2012

Aunt Tawnya comes to town...

My step sister, tawnya flew in on Friday for a little vacation with her boyfriend, Sung. We got together Friday night for dinner 7 then went back to their hotel to go swimming. I opted out of that plan, so I just watched from the side as my darling husband delt with 4 kiddos in the water (yeah, I know I should have gotten in!) Yesterday we picked them up from the hotel and brought them back to our house for pizza and a movie. It was great to finally meet Sung and visit with Aunt Tawnya for awhile. I'm not sure if we will make it to Seattle after the baby arrives, we will see how up to it I feel when the time comes.( And please ignore my 13 chins in the 2nd picture!)

Yard Sale treasures...

I think I have all the big stuff I need for the baby now. This weekend I found a bassinett for $ 15.00 (it sings, vibrates,rocks or stands still & is white) I wanted to make a really cool cradel or find a cool vintage one to repaint and totally fix up- but then I got realistic and reminded myself- the last month is pure awfulness, so don't plan anything then, the 8th month is crazy time to get everything done that HAS to get done, so I knew I had a few weeks left to have a yard sale, organize the sheds (a ginormous project!)and do "fun stuff" before my 500 pounds weighs me down completely and I can no longer move! I also found a swing for $ 10.00! It even plugs into the wall! No more batteries! Although the fabric is not my choice and the dangeling animals do not excite me- I think I will just leave it alone. I'm tired of pretending I know how to recover things. I'll spend my time on things I know will look ok in the end. I found more colored ink as well for $ 5.00! (I was wanting to stock up on ink after we got our tax $, but I hadn't got around to it- Thank you Lord for the good deals on ink- I've saved A TON!)For $10.00 I know have 1 black cartridge & 3 colored ones! Yeah!

Friday, April 27, 2012

What does a girl need to do to get some sleep around here???

I awoke this morning at 4:30, to crashing sounds outside my window. I opened my eyes and realized I wasn't dreaming some crazy dream and suddenly panicked. Something wild was going on outside and it was loud. I touched Trav's arm and said, "babe- something is happening." He woke up and heard the crashing sounds and yelled out, Tristin?" There was no answer. He shot up out of bed and down the hall toward the back porch. I, being much slower, crawled out of bed and started down the hall- but then I stopped. Who do I protect? My children, who's doors I was right outside of? Or my husband? It was actually a terrifying decision. I heard Trav yelling something outside and stayed where I was. Stay by your babies. The other option was me wobbling down the hallway in my underware with my huge old belly hanging out to protect my husband against some really loud robbers. (It might have scared them away though... I 'll remember that for the future!) I heard him come back in and close the door. I peaked around the corner and said, "What was it?" Half shocked and half laughing he said, "It was a cat. With this on it's head." He held up something in the dark but I couldn't make out what it was. "What is it?" I asked. "A chip bag!" He laughed. "What?" I asked laughing back. "The cat had a chip bag stuck on it's head and it couldn't see. It was wobbling around bumping into stuff so I called out "Hey Cat", walked over to it and took it off it's head." He said the cat looked around all bewildwered and then shot off like a bullet out of our yard. I stood there in my underware laughing, thinking, You stupid cat. First you poop EVERYWHERE around my house: in the front yard, in the dirt by my door, on the side of the house, in the rocks, in my garden, in the back yard, in the rocks between the sheds, in the grass, in the dirt by the back windows and on the side in the back- and now you are waking my up at 4:30 AM when I had a good 15 minutes left before the alarm went off???!!! I hate you I thought- but I was laughing at the image of it's ugly head stuck in a bag bumping into all the kids toys (and metal basket which was loud)on the back porch! Finally, sweet revenge. So, no wild dreams to report last night, just a good scare that turned out to be a stupid cat with a chip bag stuck on it's head!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Glucose testing is done...

... that is if i passed it ok. (she'll call if I didn't)I had my 28 week appointment today and everything besides my thighs looked good! I go in every 2 weeks now which really helps the time fly by. I had to buy maternity clothes yesterday which was a blast! There is nothing better than shopping for fat clothes when your 2 year old is way past naptime and you are both in tears or about to be.

Awful dreams...

Last night was filled with HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE, DISTURBING & AWFUL dreams that I can't even share this time! I was awake for hours. I overflowing with panic. I was praying for the awful images to leave my head. I was almost in tears & I was filled with horrible feelings/presence for hours. I just kept praying for peace and that's when I realized how lucky I am to have the Lord in my life. I can turn to him anytime and for any reason. Although the horrific images are still lingering- I know they were just dreams and life will be okay- but boy, do they seem real and leaving you spinning for awhile. And the emotional roller coater too- I'm drained already and the day has just begun!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Might want to check your Old Navy...

I'm on our Old Navy's email list, so I get updates when there are sales. I didn't see this one until later today so I waited until Trav was done working out to head over to see what our store had. There wasn't a ton, but a little in big girls, little boys, womens & mens. I found 20 items and they were an additional 40% off the clearanced price. (they have to have the red line on tag and price must end in .01) One shirt was .15, a bunch were .36, .57, .78, 1.19, 1.33 and 2.08 was the most expensive for a dress! I used my Old Navy card and saved even more too- 30 % on top of the 40%! It might be worth it to check your store. I mostly bought XL girl stuff to put away and use for gifts. I did get 4 little boy tops and 2 pairs of mens snow gloves. I only spent $ 14.20 and saved $ 249.60!

Daisy gets the gator Award...

I can't keep track of how many times Miss Daisy has recieved the Gator Award- she's awesome! The little girls and I packed our lunches and went to the school to have lunch with Daisy, she is growing up- I can't believe it!

I adore my husband...

After being with this guy for 13 years- I am still hopelessly in love with him. The more I learn about husbands from friends, the more I realize- I have got it good! Trav is an amazing man and I couldn't love him more. It's funny to realize my idea of what is sexy, has changed- A LOT! Like when he's unloading the dishwasher, folding laundry or vacuuming- I just want to kiss him! I also love to see him with the kids. It doesn't matter what it is either, I just love it.

Sometimes it pays to write a letter...

Last week I wrote an email to Pillsbury to complain about one of their products that was hard as a rock. I was nice about, trust me, and I didn't even think the email went through- until 2 days ago when I recieved a letter back and 4 coupons in the mail! I was happy. So, with 2 coupons for FREE product, we will try them again to see if they are any better. Sometimes it pays to write the company!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Time for another blog book? I think so!

I think it's almost time to publish another year of my blog! My last book ended in June and it's almost May now! As of today it will cost $ 90.00 for the hardcover. I think my upcoming yard sale money I earn will go towards that!I love these books so much! They are our lives crammed into the pages. They would be one of the first things to grab in a fire. They are totally worth the $ too. I use if anyone is thinking about publishing their blog. it is SOOO easy to use as well- if I can do it, anyone can! There are other options too that make them alot cheaper as well- softcover & black & white. There might be better websites and deals, but I've been happy with these guys and was really tired of searching for anything cheaper. Now, what color for the cover???

A strange confession...

I am in love with my husbands deodorant, and I USE IT!!! Seriously, after days of the kids saying how great Trav's armpits smelled, I had to see what the fuss was all about. After putting my nose in his underarm one day, I came up for breath and exclaimed, "Wow, that does smell good!!!" Since then, I've been using it everyday!

I give up...

I'm not one to quit, infact I'm fueled by someone telling me I can't do something- but this stupid thing wins today. At least for now. It looks awful and I know it, and apart of me just doesn't care which is bizarre though. I always care. I always want it perfect, but when it comes to my sewing, I'm also realistic and know that will never happen in a thousand years, so I guess I just surender and give in and know this is what we get!

Another wicked beast...

I found this little beauty for $ 2.00 and knew the bears quickly had to go. After I've taken it apart and removed the ugly stickers I'm thinking this project isn't going to be a fun one either. I'm using fabric I already have although I've been super tempted to make another fabric run- but I can't. I have to stop buying fabric!!! Wish me luck on this one... I'm not very excited.

A naughty dream...

What is it with the dreams lately? Most of them make me laugh, but this one was a little troubling- for me. In real life, I am not a swear-er. I just don't swear. I don't even think naughty words in my mind when I am upset and the only time I ever do is like every other year when I'm really mad about something and my Mom convinces me to say it. I struggle with dam* and h*ll, even, but admit it has come out a few times in my life- just not very often. The dream: I was walking up to a group of older kids that were hudeled in a circle because I noticed Tristin was standing with them. As they kept walking, this big HUGE kid kept trying to squeeze Tristin out of the circle and it was really hurting his feelings, So I walked up and said, " Hey ******, knock it off!" ...and then I woke up. I've been really bothered by it all morning. I've repented, I promise, but now I have the darn word stuck in my head and I feel really guilty about it. I hope you're happy Mom, I finally swore, and it was a really bad one!

Yard Sale- Book Shelf...

I was at a yard sale and picked up this HUGE book shelf for $ 7.00. I really debated because of the price, but I went ahead and grabbed it because the girl's books were buried in a huge basket and they never read any other stories except for the ones on top. I've seen all kinds of adorable book shelves for the wall on craft blogs that have looked pretty easy to make- I've just been tired, so I thought- sweet, and I wouldn't have to spend hours making one, totally worth $ 7.00! It was dark blue on the sides, so I quickly painted it all white to match the girl's room, and I must say I'm really glad I bought it. The girl's have been reading books like crazy, even more! Yeah, a point for Mom!

Baby Stuff

I picked up this green fabric shower curtain at Target the other night to use for the crib. Looks like I have a few sewing projects to complete. I've also been finding the cutest baby shoes at yard sales. I know they don't stay on, so why do they have to make them so cute then??

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yard Sale treasures...

It was another super weekend for yard sales! I found ink all for $ 5.00 (would have cost 52.00 at walmart!) A bumbo seat for $ 2.00 (brand new! Normally about $ 40.00) A baby seat for $ 3.00 Another rolling seat for $ 2.00 (needs to be covered. Another impossible project!) A play kitchen for $ 3.00 and a bunch of baby clothes for .25

Friday, April 20, 2012

Earings for Haiti...

Ok, my few friends who actually read my blog- I need your help! My Mom is working on a huge fundreaiser at work to help a coworker go on a service trip to Haiti.

In addition, my sweet Mom is collecting earings (new, old, used, ugly, cute- whatever!) to send with her friend to give to the women there. I thought it was such a sweet idea my Mama had to help the women feel more beautiful and confident. Living in horrible conditions, sometimes it's the little things that can make such an impact on your self image.

If you have any earings you would like to donate, I would be thrilled. I can pick them up, or reimburse you for shipping to send straight to my Mom in Washington. Let me know if you, your Mom, sister, Aunt, neighbor or coworker has anything to share! Thank you! Thank you! I'll get back to you and let you know how much time we have to collect them!

I know I'm crazy when...

..I'm already starting to plan my In-law's 50th Wedding anniversary party and it's still a year 1/2 away! That's the first thing my brain went too when the blessed alarm went off at 4:45 AM this morning. After chatting with Trav about it before he left, he said, "Em, please, for me, go back to bed!"
But it's over. I'm up. I've been googling. I'm awake. When I get something on my brain, I'm done for.
I'm still not sure if it's a blessing or a curse that I'm this way. When I know I need to do something, 95% of the time, I do it way in advance, cross it off my list and take a deep breath of relief- it's done! I'm terrified if I wait to do something, I'll come down with some horrible ailment and not have time to finish the project.

i'm super grateful for my calling at church I've had for the past few years too. Planning events and functions/parties has been great experience, especially when it's been for 100 + people. Planning, cooking, decorating, invites, favors- it's totally right up my alley (except the cooking!)

Anyway, I need to contact the sibilings to make sure those who want to help are apart of the event, and then I'll work on getting a guest list and color scheme/decoration idea's to determine the magnitude of the event, if it's around 100- no problem! Now, if I could just turn my brain off! Mom, I'll need your help with idea's!

Oh, yeah, and I've started working on Christmas gifts too- I'm crazy I know! How do I turn it off??????

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Changing pads and diaper/ wipe holders...

After a friend asked for a few diaper/wipe holders last week, I realized I hadn't made any for the baby, so today I've made a few things for the little man.

I loved how the changing pads turned out too! I'm loving the boy projects lately, but now I'm tired!

Play Doh...

I hate the stuff. There, I said it. I am one of those Mom's who loves the idea of it- but can't handle the mess it makes.

When willow came up to me and asked to play with it, I went to the box to discover we had 1 small tub left. So off to the kitchen we went to make some more. What a mess just making the stuff, but the kids love it and it is wonderful to see ttheir little imaginations go crazy... and it was time to get them away from the TV.

Am I the only Mom who still uses cartoons as a babysitter? Sometimes it is pure Heaven to have them laying down, quiet and not making messes! But, I have to remind myself to be fun and let them play. Besides, finding dried up rolled snakes in their underware drawer a week later is awesome!

A funny dream...

*** Jana, this is for you!

Several nights ago I had this really strange dream. It was shortly after Pinewood derby and Tristin has the most incredible leader in the world- Sister Izatt, so it was funny that I dreamed about her.

The dream:

Jana was working at Sports Authority, but they had turned half the store into a party & craft section. I was shopping in the store, looking around when I came to this end cap filled with The Office party stuff. I was thrilled because it was all marked down 10-40% off! I started loading my basket with Dwight heads that opened up/closed like Transformers and squirt guns that squirted Jim in a video game that came with it.
I was really excited when Jana came over in her super cute uniform to help me, but sad when she explained that I could only buy 1 item from the store. It was a new company policy where they were trying to regulate the flow of product in their store by limiting the number of items going out. I was seriously ticked! I wanted more Dwight heads and squirt guns, why only 1 item? I thought of a plan to come back and bring all my kids so they could each buy an item for me- and before I woke up, I thought- shouldn't Jana be home anyway, breastfeeding her baby?

Who knows where it came from, but I still remember every detail from that crazy dream! Hope I didn't embarrase you Jana, I thought it was another one for the record books!

If you pray and whine long enough, God answers your prayers!

It was wonderful to have Shane, Chelsea and the twins over last night for dinner, but even better when I heard Shane got a job here and they were moving back!!!!! And in less than a month!!!!

Oh, my heart leaped for joy and I thanked the Lord for making it possible for that to happen. I know everything happens for a reason and they needed to be in Portland, and everything needed to go the way it did to lead them back- but it wasn't easy for any of them, or for us left behind to cope without them.
I am thrilled to have them back soon and can't wait to eat her lasgana & cookies again! Love you guys!!!

A soft spot...

I'll admit it, I hate getting the kids down for bed time almost more than anything. By 8:00 PM I am so tired and worn out I can hardly think striaght. I am impatient and often turn into the "mean Mom" as I try to wrangle all the monkeys together to get Pj's on, teeth brushed, stories read, sippy cups with water filled, night lights plugged in, stuffed animals found, lotion provided, prayers said, kids tucked in, kisses given and I love you's said.
I am more tired after that than anything! But after they settle in- they are out like a light and sleep all night long- it's Heaven! They are truley the best sleepers and I thank God every night for that.

Last night I was getting stuff ready, so I told Grace to read a bed time story to Willow for me, so Willow climbed up and sat on the top bunk with her while she read. As I past by once, I looked in and watched the two of them together and my heart melted a little. It was darling to watch them. It was precious. I thought to myself, I hope they are friends when they are older. I hope they love each other more than anything in the world. And I hope they realize what they have.

I just thought about my Mom losing her only Sister to cancer in 1994 and the hole it has left in her heart. They always called each other "Sister" and it was so tender. They adored each other and were there for the other every second they could. They always lifted each other up, supported the other, and relyed on the other for everything. Their relationship was incredible and beautiful. It was the most awful thing for my Mom and for all of us. My Aunt Abby was an angel. I wish so often she was still here.

I just watched them together last night and thanked the Lord for the chance to have children and to give them one of the greatest gifts- a Sister.

Silly little cats...

The other day our neighbor girl painted the girls faces and they loved it! Although they look a little scary, they crawled around like kittys for the longest time!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Welcome last trimester...

Oh, the last trimester is so bitter sweet. I love it because it means the end is near, and the countdown is offically on- but it's dreadful because the real pain of pregnancy begins.
12 more weeks, I tell myself. 12 more long miserable weeks and then the pain will be over, my back can go back to it's normal painful state, my feet can stop swelling, I won't go through an unthinkable amount of toilet paper, people will look at my face and not my stomach, I can sleep for more than 1 hour at a time, eat for just 1 person again, put my shoes on without toppling over, walk normal and hopefully have the weight just melt right off! (Let me hold onto the dream, please!)

I know that there has been a lot of complaining, and guess what, it will continue because this is my personal journal where not too much is hidden.

Pregnancy is hard. And it's my least favorite thing on the planet. I miss Advil more than anyone can imagine, but I do it because I know it is worth every miserable second. Having children is a blessing and I am thrilled to hold this little man and love him to pieces inawhile. (Although the feet have got to stop kicking, this little guy is going to be a soccor player!)

I know it feels like forever, but really, the weeks are flying by and it feels like just yesterday I was welcoming month 6. Now I'm in month 7 and April is more than half way over! School will be out soon and then a little bit longer and he will be here- it's kinda crazy to think about!
There is a yard sale to have, sheds to organize, baby stuff to find at yard sales and sleep to be had! Just be kind last trimester, just be kind...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A sad realization...

Years ago, we were able to get these bath buddies for free with coupons. We got them all the time and I had TONS! They were awesome for the kids (my step Dad even liked them!), and over the years, we've shared and used every single bar, except for 1. I've been holding onto this bar of soap like it was the last bar of chocolate on the planet because I just couldn't bare to part with it. (The coupons these days exclude these .97 wonders, so sad).

A few days ago I saw a blog were the lady made their own, which I was grateful to see (I had thought to do something similar a long time ago, but it wasn't with terry cloth)

The lady made a reusable insert for her bars of soap, but because I am not talented enough or have enough energy, I just sewed mine up closed. I don't even care either because 1 bar cost me .11 to make (it would have only been .06 if I would have used all my free soap, but I wanted to use this stuff up since it's been on my shelf for years. (The 6 pack cost .33 years ago)I used a towel that cost me .50 and cut it into 8 pieces.

So for .88 I was able to make 8 of my own bath buddies for the kids, and now I'm not sad anymore! They were a breeze to whip up too!