Monday, August 24, 2009

Sewing projects galore!

My friend Jen was going to help me with my car seat cover, but after I bought the cute fabric, I couldn't help myself- I had to see if I could do it on my own- and I did it!!! (Sorry I didn't wait for you to get back Jen!) It is far from perfect, but I can't believe I really pulled it off- especially if you saw how I did it. No pattern, just some-what traced the existing one that was still sewn together, but adding 1 inch all around. I prayed the entire time it was going to work, and then God even helped me with the cover umbrella thingy! I even covered the head rest too! I love it! Thanks again Maren for the car seat, you're a life saver!

I found this super cute fabric when we went to Washington on our last visit. I made my nursing cover, changing pad and bib- plus I have enough to make a blanket!

I've been picking up baby bibs at yard sales for .10 each for the past few months. Naturally they were all the goofy "I love my Mommy" bibs etc... so I had to cover them with amazing fabric instead. Super easy! (The last one on the bottom right is what most of them looked like before I sewed the fabric on)

I've also been working on a few baby blankets. Not that I need any, I've just been saving some of my favorite fabric for myself, and now I get to use it! Here's just a few...

Back in Janurary I bought this super cute table runner from Pottery Barn. I knew one day I would find a use for it! After finishing the cabnets in the kitchen, I needed to make new curtains, but I was completely out of money, so I took a little peek in my fabric stash, and guess what I found? That's right, a super cute table runner that was calling my name! I cut it in thirds, added some ribbon at the top, and in about 10 minutes, I had new curtains!Love them!

Spending time with G-pa...

The kids and I went to visit G-ma & G-pa last weekend after our yard sales. I thought they looked pretty cute sitting on his lap.

Abs of Steel...

One day last week I was laying down in bed resting for a bit, when i heard my famous Abs of steel video being played in the living room. I got up to see what was going on, and there were my silly kids all working out. Pretty cute. They have more energy than I do these days, that's for sure! What I wouldn't give for my 6 pack back right about now!