Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thank you China man!

(Trav and I just got SERIOUSLY hooked on The Office a few months ago. it has been life changing, no joke. It is all consuming, and now I am wonderfully addicted. I bought seasons 1-5 off e bay and it just arrived a few days ago!!!!!!!!! Little did I know that I was buying from China, apparently from a man who liked to copy DVD's and sell them on Ebay. So imagine my shock after spending $ 58.00 dollars! Luckily they arrived, butsadly with the smell of china still lingering, but at least they were at least real, and at least they work! We are still in season 3.)

What I am thankful for:

# 1- Michael Scott. I love him one minute, hate him the next, laugh at him until my body parts hurt and then want to punch him all in the same 30 seconds! What a well mannered man! I am thankful for his tackfulness.

# 2- Dwight Shrute. No, I don't love beets, nor do I want a beet farm but there is something mildly romantic about this man.He loves his family name, adores Angela and her furry friends and would die for his car- how amazing is that? I am thankful for his devotion to Michael, a love like that is hard to find, unless of course, we're talking about Pam & Jim.

# 3- Meridith. What can I say, I just love women with red hair! Really! What I admire about Meridith is her honesty. She is a raving alcoholic and she doesn't hide it, actually, I think she doesn't know how to hide it. I am thankful for her ability to shake up a party.

#4- Pam Beesly. Oh, sweet Pam. I admire her candy dish, her lovable yet sneaky dameanor, her childlike innocence, her ambition to follow her art dream, and her sweet smile. A few things to consider: Roy? Really? I'm so glad she ended that love affair. Now if she would just grab Jim by his tweaky hair, confess her love and kiss the man, I'd feel better. I am thankful that I know they are really married now in the current season and she's expecting.

# 5- Angela. I hate cats. With a passion. But it is pretty adorable the way she loves hers. Angela is as cold as it gets, unless she has her back to Dwight expressing her love for him. I am thankful she is on the party planning comitee- they would truely be lost without her.

#6- Creed. Hold onto your wallets ladies and gentlemen.And watch the wedding table, and don't let him be in charge of charity fundraisers, and please, for Heaven's sake, watch the toy drive box. I am thankful for his amazing ability to "make" a dollar.

# 7- Jim. I just love him! I love his goofy hair, his adorable smile, his man purse, his basketball skills, his jello making abilities and his pranks. I am thankful he has reminded us how a man should stare at a woman and his never ending love for Pam.

# 8- Kelly. Ohmigosh. She is one hot Mama, and she'll tell you all about it and how good she looked in her new outfit. She is polite, eager to love Ryan and will patiently listen as she takes your customer service questions. I am thankful for her abilty to express herself in words.

# 9- Toby.If there is a man I want to hold inmy arms and reassure, it would be him. My heart just hurts for him whenever Michael steps foot in the room. Toby follows the rules, can win you a stuffed animal out of the seemingly impossible animal crane game thing, and knows just how to handle all of Dwight's written complaints. I am thankful for Toby's work ethic, even if Micheal keeps him far, far away.

# 10-Stanley. What would I do without his huge, ginormous eyes staring back at me? How would I survive without his monotone, hilarious voice? I am thankful for the way he protects his daughter- from Micheal's appaling comments, to Ryan's lack of interest. Stanly is a protector indeed.

# 11- Jan. Wow. I did not see her passion coming. Keep your closet doors locked folks, and hide your paridice pictures, because Michael will find a way to accidently e mail them to everyone he knows.

#12- Ryan. What a strong, patient man. Anyone who has to listen to Kelly for more than 5 minutes, is a strong, patient man. I am thankful for the way he puts up with Michael's adoration, Kelly's never ending love confessions and the beet farm experience with Dwight and Moss.

#13- Phyllis. I'll take those crocheted oven mitts- although Michael didn't appriciate them at the Christmas exchange, I saw the value in them. I thought they were beautiful. And any woman who will allow refrigerator advertisments to be made during her wedding vows is a special lady. I am thankful for Phyllis's ability to ignore all the mean remarks Michael throws at her.

3 14-Andy. I think the man can really sing. Who can sing all 4 parts of a song and find a way to turn it into their cell phone ringer? I am thankful for his personality mirroring, smiling and nodding.

# 15-Oscar- What gay man could take the heat better than Oscar? Or accept Michael's kiss any better? Or endure a party honoring his "mexicanady" with more class? I am thankful for his kindness towards both men and women.

# 16-Karen- oh, sweet girl, you didn't stand a chance, I'm so sorry. You were sweet and survived Phyllis's beauty make over, but there wasn't much hope. I am thankful you tried.

# 17- Kevin. I am in awe of your drum skills, your singing ability, your craftyness in the kitchen, your gambling winnings and your never ending love for women. I am thankful I cannot read your mind.