Thursday, December 23, 2010

Grace and her funny faces... Happy Birthday!!!

I think these are the earliest pitures of Grace I have saved in the computer, and yes, these are Grace, not Willow. Here are a few of her silly faces in honor of her 4th birthday. (I meant to write yesterday, sorry)
I love this girl because:
* she is non predictable. I never know what emotion will surface at any given moment.
* She is passionate about not wanting to clean her room.
*She loves her Daddy and his rock-a-byes at night.
*She actually loves to help fold laundry and make beds!
*she is strong willed.
* She takes her shoes and coat off every single time we get in the car, which means we have to wait for her to put them back on every single time we get while running errands.
*She loves to dance and sing around the house.
*She is funny. A little goofy, and just plain different.
*She loves to do her own "side pony"
* She'll argue every single time I do her hair.
* She will pick the oppisite of anything you say
She loves Primary at church and talks about Sister Fleshman all the time.
*She will pick the oppisite of everything you say choose, or ask her to do.
* She loves her sisters and Brother.
* She loves Taylor swift & Hannah Montana.
* She loves sugar.
* She loves doing homework & going to preschool.
* She loves baking, doing art projects and helping Mom.
* she ADORES bath time still. We LOVE our hot baths together!

Grace makes everyday better, more exciting, more challenging and definatlly rewarding. I love her little spirit that is too big for her body, her attempts at putting make up on and the moments that she hugs me and says, "I love you Mom."
I can't belive that 4 years ago, we were blessed with this little fire ball! I couldn't love her more!

Happy Birthday G-ma Edith & Grace...

Yesterday my sweet girl turned 4, while her G-ma Edith turned 71! We went over last night with Hannah Montana plates & napkins and ate cupcakes and ice cream. We sang and Edith opened a few presents we brought over. The cousins played and danced with the Wii and had a blast. I am so grateful for my Mother in law who has a heart of gold. She is remarkable, loving, full of faith and a true example of selfless service. Happy birthday girls!

Grace feeding her baby...

Yesterday I asked Grace to help me with something and she replied, "Not right now Mom, I'm feeding my baby." When I walked over to see what she was talking about, this is what I found...