Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm trying this new thing called cooking & baking...

It dawned on me about 3 weeks ago that I have never used yeast in my entire life, and for the first time in all my 28 years of living, that saddened me! Of course it made perfect sense because I hate to bake & cook, (because it makes a GINORMOUS mess), and my whole reason for living is to clean up messes, so I was rarely found in the kitchen. But, after a long and serious talk with God one day, I asked him for the tiniest desire ( I mean tiny) to try this thing the world calls cooking. I even asked my Mom to pray for me because I was on the brink of a huge life adjustment if God really did answer my plea! Me, cooking??? NO way, it just couldn't be done! Could it? I was still in shock I was even talking about the subject, let alone beginning to thumb through my cook books late at night. After a few VERY long weeks I, Emily, have begun to cook and bake using foreign recipe's I've never seen before in my life. I am even reading the cooking magazines in the check out lines, and I am even contemplating going to our church recipe exchange tomorrow! What is happening to me??? I bought a kitchen aid, which I love (a red one!) and I have made Cinnamon rolls (that turned out BEAUTIFULLY YUMMY!!!), cheesecake squares, this horribly sad looking marionberry pie, and 5 other dinner items!!! I'm still not enjoying the whole process and I still can't believe the mess it makes, but I am proud to say that I'll be making bread next! This may not sound like a big thing, but let me reassure you, this is HUGE in "Emily land," this just never happens! So, here is a picture of my first pie ever made. It was a horrible experience and the dough would not stop crumbling! Seriously, I was almost crying! I had envisioned a beautiful criss -cross top looking thing, but I couldn't even roll out the stupid stuff out. So, this is the end result... pretty pathetic.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

When it rains, it pours...

So, I just got back from a wonderful relaxing night at the church where we had a great dinner and talked for hours and played games with all the ladies. I was singing in the car driving home and feeling great, thinking to myself, "Wow, what a great night, that was just what I needed." It was a great night until I walked in the door and saw this! Grace, our darling, wonderful, most prefect child on the planet, somehow, got a hold of an almost full tub of chocolate frosting and decided to paint the house with it! Not only was it on my cream colored couch, but she managed to get it all over the carpet, her clothes and random places all over the house!!! After deep breathing for awhile and saying a prayer to God, I forgave her and then helped Trav clean it up. All I can say is thank heaven for my new shampooer, and it's a good thing she's pretty darn cute!!!

And here it is all cleaned up!!

Praise the Lord that I just bought a new shampooer 2 weeks ago!!!

"I love paint!!! All over my body...

So, today was a day of mischief for our little Grace. Earlier in the day she decided to "help" Daddy paint, but instead, rolled it all over her shirt, skirt, shoes, random toys, legs, hair and face. The lighting doesn't show it very well, but here's a shot of Grace with it all over her mouth, forehead and head. She's looking at me like, "What Mom??" Oh, how we love our beautiful angels! Thank you Grace for all your help, we appriciated it!!!

"If you're happy and you know it..."

Here's a picture of Grace doing the actions to her favorite song, "If you're happy and you know it" (and yes, she looks great with yogurt all over her face!)

Grace at the park...

Grace looked so cute yesterday at the park. It was pretty hot, so her cute cheeks turned rosy red and I couldn't resist a picture. She was not willing to look at me or smile, so this is the only shot I was able to get. (Yes, I looked like one of those silly Mom's trying to get a picture!)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Getting ready to leave...

Here they are getting ready to go on their fishing trip.
I kept Grace home with me (for 50 different reasons you don't take your 18 month old to a fishing pond) and because the last thing I wanted to see were worms, or dying fish flopping around gasping for air, and especially watching their guts oozzing all over my families clothing, shoes and hands and then watching them eat their afternoon snack without using hand sanitizer! The thought was just too much for me! Buying the worms at the store earlier was tramatic enough! I had to grab a plastic grocery sack to open the cooler with and put the container inside of. Travis didn't understand my concern or my fear of "worm germs").

Going fishing with Papa!

The kids couldn't wait to go fishing this morning with their Daddy. They were talking about it for days. Tristin is wearing Trav's hat and looks ready to go...

Daisy with her first fishing pole! Yes, a Barbie one!

So, I knew if I was going to send my little princess off to go fishing with the boys, I was going to have to buy her a fishing pole. I couldn't buy an ugly black one (that would have been much cheaper), but she was going to be catching her fish with a pink, green and blue Barbie one! She absoultley loved it when she saw it in the package. I couldn't resist, it even came with a little tackle box!

The adored fountain at the temple!

If there's ever a moment you're screaming at your kids at the temple, it would be right here in this spot- right next to the fountain! So much for a spiritual experience, right?

Happy Daisy

She loved the pretty flowers at the temple and wanted to jump in the fountain, of course!

Daisy at the temple

Daisy is so funny, she just plopped down by the flowers and let me take her picture, Sometimes I think she was born to do this!

A day at the temple

We went to the temple last week and walked around outside with the kids. It was a beautiful sunny day and they loved it!

Tristin and his teacher, Mrs. Kaae!

Tristin loved his teacher, Mrs. Kaae this year. He was in her morning Kindergarten class. I was able to volunteer a few times and she was great! I am so thankful for her and for his positive experience in her class.

Graduation Day!

Here's a picture of Tristin at the beginning of their program walking up to the front.

Kindergarten Graduation!

I have no idea where this year went, honestly. But regardless of my shock, he graduated last Tuesday and is now out for Summer vacation. Tristin did really well in school and made lots of friends. Last month when we were inviting friends for his party, he said, " I want to invite Abby, she's so beautiful." So he did learn a few extra things too!

Tristin and his ribs!

What can I say? This little guy loves his ribs (and yes this picture looks exactly like last years picture. He's wearing red shirts in both) Happy 6th Birthday Tristin!

Celebrating Tristin's 6th Birthday @ Goodwood!

The ribs are coming, don't worry!
It's tradition, every year on Tristin's birthday,
we take him out for his favorite ribs at Goodwood!
This day is almost as exciting as his actual party!

Tristin blowing out his candles!

Here he is blowing out all 6 of his candles.

Tristin wacking the pinata (that you can't see)

So much for a shot of the pinata, Trav tied it really high in the tree, but they broke it in a few swings!

Tristin's 6th Birthday party!

Tristin had a Transformer party this year (he's in the back with the mask on). We had a BBQ for the kids, a pinata (that Tristin & I made), cupcakes, games and presents. They had a great time and tristin loved his presents! It's hard to believe he's 6 already. My little man is growing up!