Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ode to Audra

One of my best friends convinced me to start my own blog. (Thank you Audra!) I have never been one to follow the crowd, but to me, this was still something I could call my own, yet feel apart of something as well.
My other best friend Jessica and I were talking about how we all need a witness to our lives and it's true. I guess I have felt so lost for so long that I needed this outlet. Now- I have a way I can share my life with you, my goofy habits, pictures of my beautiful family, my passion for writing, my love of art and my joy for life.
My hope is that I will spend less time cleaning and more time embracing what is most important.
My hope is that I will learn to sit down, relax, write and share my life with you. It's true, we all need a witness to our lives, thank you for being mine...


Audra said...

Oh have brought tears to my eyes once again. I am going to love this!

Jessica said...

Em, I am so excited that you've joined the world of blogging. Watch out, it can become addictive! I love you so much and can't wait to hear/read all you have to say/write!

Emily said...

This is great, Emmy. It's so wonderful to be able to see my grandbabies. It makes me hungry to see them again soon. I'm proud of you for all of your accomplishments and for the kind of person you have become. You need to be proud too. I love you,