Thursday, September 18, 2008

" There's nothing wrong Mom, I'm just going to change my underware..."

So, Tristin just came in from playing outside with his friends and said to me in passing, "Don't worry Mom, there's nothing wrong, I'm just going to change my underware."
With our past week of direaha, & vomit, my mind went to an unpleasant place and I stumbled, "Okay, then Bud, why do you need to change your underware?" "Oh, so I can be a cool kid." (Then showing me his underware) he says, "because these are not boxers. Cool kids wear boxers. Jacob is wearing them so I want to wear them too and be a cool kid." Well, alrighty then... how do I argue with that? Just one of those funny moments with my beautiful 6 year old boy!

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