Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mobing sale!!!

I think the entire universe is aware of how much I LOVE yard sales. When I say love, I mean the kind of love that I feel for my husband and children! So, when I ran across this sign awhile back, you can imagine my shock and utter disbelief. If you look closely the sign says: MOBING SALE ALL WEEK. I laughed so hard and had to drive by the sign multiple times to see if what I was reading was correct. I was just sure if I continued to drive past it, it would magically spell MOVING SALE instead, but sadly, it never changed and the poor person never realized they broke yard sale rule # 1- GET YOUR SIGN RIGHT! I thought this was blog worthy. Hope it made you laugh!Yup, it is confirmed, Nampa has some real winners!


Gabe & Christy Beal said...

I have to ask...what does one sell at a 'mobing sale'???

I hope you went and checked it out. especially since they were putting it out there ALL week!

This was a good laugh, thanks!

jen said...

Well since it was on my street I saw in a NUMBER of times too :) I laughed every time I passed it, and I LOVE that you took a picture of it!