Thursday, May 28, 2009

After 9 years...

Yesterday was our 9th year Anniversary and as it flew by like all those years did, I started thinking about our marriage and all the days in between.

What I expected after 9 years...

* To still be married!
* To have a family
* To own a home
* To be completely comfortable with Trav
* That Trav would be able to read my mind
* God would let men have babies

What I never expected...

* For him to still kiss me like we were in college
* That I would be the one to pull away from his hugs first
* That I would NOT want to sleep tangled in his arms
* That he would make "whale sounds" in his sleep
* That he would still accept my wild creative side after all these years
* That he has never tried to change who I am
* That I could love him and be SO angry with him at the same time
* That reading bed time stories could be viewed as sexy
* That vacuuming & doing dishes could be such a turn on
* For him to still love me after all my obsessive behavior
* To be able to love Trav, admire, forgive, cherish, respect & adore him as much as I do today
* For us to be COMPLETELY opposite in EVERYTHING (except movies. We agree on most movies)
* To have finally found happiness, peace,confidence,contentment,strength,forgiveness and love within myself.
*To have the most beautiful babies in the world.
* That being in bed by 9:00 PM, eating ice cream, and watching James Bond for the 100th time would become what we look forward to after putting the kids to bed


Nicole said...

Congrats on 9 years! Of course he loves you - who doesn't? I'm so happy for the peace and joy in your life!

tvcadurfee said...

congrats, tomorrow is 5 years for me and vaughn and i feel almost the same way. its crazy what things are like after living with someone for so long... congrats and good luck with the next 9 years..

Dean Family said...

Wow 9 years!! I had no idea it was your anniv!!! Hope you had a good one and were able to go out on a date :)
I guess it IS a good thing you bought that James Bond movie! haha