Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Present and decorations...

I only had a few weeks to plan anything for moms party. In that time I was able to make & send out an invite, gather 60 letters from family & friends, make a few Queen decorations & party favors, gather pictures for 3 posters, order/fax a cake over to Washington, get time off work, pull the kids out of school a day, pack and drive over to make it for the big event! Mom loved her present and I am SO grateful for those who took the time to make that gift happen. There was a lot of emailing, texting, calling and bugging people to get them done, but we did it and it turned out great!Besides her 6 cans of hairspray- that's my favorite gift I think I've ever given her. I love you Mom. (There's a ton more pictures, scroll to older posts to see them!)

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