Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The party...

After lunch I took Mom out for a few hours. We had some time to kill before her party and her day had already been taken over by people surprising her with differnt activities. Alicia was there to meet her at the casino, then Sara picked her up from there and took her to get her nails done, then Eli took her shopping where he insisted on buying her treasures she never would have purchased herself. Next it was lunch with the grand kids, and then time with me. We walked around Wal Mart, bought a curling iron, went to the dollar store and back to tawnya's to curl her hair. She didn't know the plans for the rest of the day and by that time, Trav, Eli, Brent, Sara and Alicia were already at Scoreboard setting up for the party while I kept Mom busy. I think we surprised her!

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