Thursday, November 14, 2013


My Dad has been extremely generous since he's been here. He has been a huge help and I can't thank him enough for stepping in when I didn't know how we were going to make it. Thank you Dad. Last week he said we were going to go buy new Harley boots and go have lunch. What he didn't realize was I bought a pair of black boots at a yard sale for a dollar a few weeks prior- just so he wouldn't spend the money on me. I didn't want him too. I thought it was crazy expensive and excessive and I felt guilty that he was even considering it. After talking a lot and thinking about it, I gave in. He really wanted to do it and if I continued to fight it, the joy for him would be gone. I tried to be a gracious receiver and just have fun while trying on really expensive boots. We had a great lunch at Goodwood and then we hit Target to check out the Halloween markdowns. It was a great day and I do love my boots, I just had to remind him that I don't spend money, because we don't have it, so it's hard when he wants to splurge in that way because my brain can't handle it or process the dollar amount. (what I didn't tell him was the boots at the yard sale were marked $ 2.oo- but I asked if she'd take $ 1.00 for them!) I know that I deserve nice things and I know that when we ride and when I wear them I will be reminded that my Dad loves me and he wasn't content with dollar boots for his daughter. Thank you Dad! Oh, and he called later that night to say "Let's wear our new boots to bed!"

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