Monday, November 25, 2013

**Nursing update*** Beware, I might mention boobs!

My blog is my journal now and for those who don't like reading about these things, just bypass it all. It's for my record and maybe 1 friend who might want to know that I am offically done nursing!!!! It only took 16 months, but we are done and most of the pain is gone. Man, it's no fun waiting for your milk to dry up!!! Poor Roman didn't handle the adjustment very well and getting him to sleep was not very fun. Neither was trying to get him to sleep through the night without his yummy feedings to drug him to sleep. He is still hit and miss with sleeping. Last night he was up at 1:30 for a hour, the few nights before he slept all night. The night before he was up, the 2 nights before that he slept etc... I think my body is getting back to normal,I was pretty emotional for about a week and when I was doing some research, it mentioned how your hormones go a little crazy during the weining process. It was time. He's 16 months and honestly a giant to still be feeding. I know there are a million health benefits, but I was completely done. So, there you have it: A round of mastitus, an unhappy toddler, crazy nights, sore boobs that are almost dried up and 1 happy Mommy! I'm free, I'm free!

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