Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Our 1st day of snow!

Yesterday I went outside to take the trash out like I do every Tuesday morning
(in my bathrobe, of course!) and the weather was normal, just cold, but I hurried inside to finish getting Tristin ready for school. About 25 minutes later, Daisy came up to me and said, "Mommy, I like the Christmas outside." I had no idea what she was talking about so I went to the window to see what her "Christmas" was. Sure enough, it was snowing! The kids were so excited, so they got their warm clothes on and went outside to build a snowman! I don't think they got too far, but they had fun with the 5 minutes they had before he had to get to school. Of course I freaked out for a second as I invisioned my family sliding off the road and getting stuck somewhere, but thankfully the snow was gone in about 3 minutes, and my panic attak subsided quickly. Now they are thrilled for snow and if it melts as quickly as yesterday, I will be fine. I HATE snow, I'm from Seattle, it doesn't snow there so it scares me to death to drive in it!


Shannon said...

Oh my Gosh!! You and your family are adorable. I love this blog so I can check up on you and see how you are doing. Looks like you are doing great and I'm glad to see it!! You totally deserve it!! I love you Girl!!

Jessica said...

Enjoy the snow, or lack of it! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!