Thursday, October 23, 2014

Making friends...

It didn't take long for the girl's and I to make instant friends! We were invited over to Lisa's house last weekend to press apples! It was amazing and lots of fun! It was so interesting to watch and then even more amazing to come home with 5 half gallon jugs to drink on for days! I've been invited to go/do a few things with a few ladies from church who are really sweet. We are already texting, on Facebook and having our kids play at houses. We are sharing carpool responsibilities, sharing baked goods, hanging out at each others houses and planning other activities too.It has really helped with the sadness too. We had the branch pres and his wife & family over a few Sunday's ago and they were awesome too! It's been fun having the kids in church activities, we had lunch over at the Bishop's house on Sunday and have the RS pres over and my VT's already! It's been a lot of fun although missing home has been really hard for me to adjust too. Having so many kind people drop off baked goodies has been overwhelming, but SO yummy! Seriously, we have had so many kind people from church drop things off! 2 different sets of neighbors have brought things too-a pie & and a loaf of bread! Willow already has a friend across the street too. It has been really great!!!

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