Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mom & Brent come for a visit!

My poor Mom had been SOOOO sick the weekend we moved in and she felt terrible that she hadn't been there to help- so she made up for it the following weekend by bringing all my favorite things! (Seriously, it would have been soo crazy having anyone there that time, I was so happy the following weekend worked out, we were much more relaxed!) She brought my favorite enchaladas, lemon squares & potato salad. Oh, to die for! She also brought a housewarming gift (A bigger skillet which I love!), presents and her sweet spirit. Oh, and she brought my step dad along too! I love Brent so much because he's such a blast to be around and the kids adore him. He's always paying them money to run down a street, sing a song, perform or do something mildly embarressing. They love it and they each made $10.00 doing it! We had a great time! The boys went out the river and rode a boat around while us girl's hit a few yard sales and looked at houses. We had a feast that night for dinner, took them out to the dam and relaxed a little. After a long day they went back to their hotel to finally rest. We went to lunch the next day and then said our goodbye's. It was so wonderful having them come visit and the drive wasn't terrible. 4 1/2 hours to our place! MUCH better than the 10+ it took to Idaho!

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