Thursday, October 23, 2014

The big news!

I think it was Sept 9th when Trav received a call from a recruiter lady asking if she could send his application off to a company in Washington. It started out pretty normal and I didn't think too much of it. Trav had had so many recent resume transfers, and hadn't got the jobs, so I was kind of getting used to the process. I gave Brenda the heads up at our RS meeting the following day and told her I'd keep her posted if anything changed. Thursday the 11th he had his interview which went AMAZING and then had a follow up call a few hours later. Pretty quickly I started feeling like this was going to be the one and I suddenly started feeling a range of emotions. I quickly started de-junking for a yard sale we had planned anyway. After we spoke with Becky several times we learned that the company- Lockheed Martin was desprete for an IT guy out at Chief Joseph Dam in Bridgeport Washington- AND he was the only guy they were interviewing! Nobody else was in the running with Trav- just him. We both felt like this was the one but had to wait until the following Monday the 15th to hear the news. Becky had told us that things were looking really great and to be expecting some good news soon- so we just waited. It seemed like forever, but finally Monday morning we heard he got the job. We both felt like it was right but he was needed to start work 10 days later. I started crying and started making a million calls and texts to inform everyone we were indeed moving and it was going to be super fast. Trav and I left that weekend to find housing and naturally I was freaking out big time about that.He got to Lake Chellan Fri around 3 or 4;00 and found a real esate office that we went into to check if they had any rentals. While we were there, I received a call from a lady named Laura (who Trav had left a message with the day before) She and I spoke for a long time, I told her we had 5 kiddos but were very clean, careful and would love to look at her property. We called the tenant and he met us there to look at the house. Right away I thought- we can make this work! And when Dean told us we better hurry if we wanted it- it made me feel an urgency as well. As we were leaving- another couple showed up at the house and wanted to look at it again. I knew I needed to hurry so I quickly called Laura back and said "We want it! What can we do to get it? I told her we had cash (from the yard sale we just had and that was currently still going as we were in a different state. My friends were amazing and ran it while we were gone!Beyond sweet!) After talking for awhile she agreed we could have it! She was about the sweetest person in the world and she and I really clicked. We were estatic. In less than 3 hours we had found housing and we could move in the following weekend- it was too perfect!! We stayed in a hotel, filled out the application in the morning and sent that to her and then turned around and went back to Idaho. Mission complete!!A few days later Trav made the long 500 mile trip back to WA to go to work for 1 day. He then traveled back to Idaho, helped pack a moving truck and was ready to drive the U haul BACK to Wa the following day. IT WAS CRAZY! and so fast- but we did it. We did it because we had a million friends working around the clock for a week straight to help us pack, clean, collect boxes, sell stuff, have a yard sale, sell the VW, bring meals and then load the U haul. It was a complete miracle and 12 days later- we were on the road to o0ur little tiny town in Okanogan Washington. The trip went amazing. DeArley, Maren and Janell all drove down with us to help with the drive and to bring more stuff in another car- plus we wanted a few more minutes with dear friends. We arrived, met our sweet landlord, got the keys, signed papers and a few minutes later our new ward arrived to help us unload our massive 24 ft truck with the red car in tow. They had it unloaded so fast it was unbeliavable! there were so many people helping us it was overwhelming. Complete strangers cared enough to come help us set up bunk beds, bring food and even let us borrow their iron for church the next day. The girls got a hotel, woke up, gave us hugs and then left for Idaho. We got ready for 9:30 church and we've been going ever since! What a whirlwind!!

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