Sunday, June 8, 2014

Trav is creative...

Trav is pretty amazing... he works hard, he enjoys cooking, he's super smart, helps with the kids, cleans/does laundry and who knew- pretty creative?!!! He wanted to recover the top of his car for a long time because it was old and peeling. He wanted an Amercian flag but we knew we couldn't use an actual flag because we would have to cut it to size so he found a fleece blanket online and he went to town! The only part I helped him with was the glue gun- and boy was that fun. My finger tips were so burned and I got burned the heck out of my palm leaving a fun blister as evidence of my love for him. It turned out great and I let him finish with the gun as I ran my hand under cold water for awhile. He doubted my glue gun but I told him it was crazy hot and would work just fine- after burning myself- I think he believed me!

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