Sunday, June 8, 2014

Roman's "Bah-Bah"

When my Dad moved here in October, he brought with him the creepiest skeleton that danced to music. Roman fell in love and deathly afraid of the thing instantly and at the same time. He wanted to watch him dance but he REFUSED to touch him, he was scared of him- but intrigued so G-pa would always push the scary dude's button. Over the months it became their thing- and G-pa grew used to pushing the annoying button a million times when Roman was over. Roman was OBSESSED with the thing. When we had our yard sale, Dad decided it was time the gross guy came to our house and I wasn't very thrilled until I realized how deep Roman's fasination was with it. He was literally nuts over him. It took several weeks- but he will now touch him now and what amazing progress! The scary guy known as "Bah-Bah" wears diapers, goes to sleep in my bed and can wear out batteries in no time. Roman asks for him a million times a day and although I would love to chuck him in the garbage- I can't, simply because of the weird joy he brings my child.

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