Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Over 2 weeks ago Trav started complaining about some burning & pain in his upper left thigh. We thought maybe his new pocket knife he got for Christmas was the culprut since it was in his pocket around the area that was bothering him. He took it out but continued to have really bad pain. Everyday it seemed to get worse, spreading and wrapping around his leg and I knew it was really hurting him. He didn't have a fever although but felt off. Days later a patch of red bumps appeared and he was almost relieved to see that something really was going on and it wasn't all in his head. The pain continued and just got worse. So did the bumps. They quickly turned into nasty looking blisters and we knew somrthing nasty was going on. By this time he hurt and we just wanted him to feel better. We took pictures and sent them to Shane to look at (he works in the ER) but he wasn't sure what it was. We called his Mom who is a retired nurse and she encouraged him to get looked at right away. The problem was, it was now past 8PM, the exact time all the Primary Health and Quick care clinics close. So he waited until morning and went in right away. It was dignosed in seconds and he picked up his perscription awhile later. He spent the next 5 days in bed fighting it and getting a nasty cold on top of it. It's been a week now since he got medicine and the blisters have now decended and are starting to crust over (sick, huh?) and he's feeling better, just not 100%. His body is still fighting it and who knows who long he will deal with the discomfort. We are very happy it chose to attack his leg and not his face, eyes or other places noticable. Just lots of love for my sweet man who finally made it back to work yesterday. It's been a rough couple weeks, that's for sure.

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