Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I'm set!

I think I have all my riding gear now! Hahoo!! Now, if winter would hurry up and get over- we could hit the road. Oh. my. word. I want on that bike SOOOOO bad!!! I can't explain it other than it's the same feeling I have at the ocean. I feel free. I feel content. I feel whole.There is something about being on a motorcycle that calms me (although, I have to admit- now that I have 5 kids, I do think about dying a lot more than I ever did before. It's only on the freeway though, I'm not crazy about going 70+, I'm more of a 45 MPH girl. I like the back roads, the long roads... I just never want to get off!) For Christmas and my B-day I got to use Dad's points at the Harley store so I picked out 2 more items I really needed. Gloves and eye wear! The glasses weren't cutting it (darn long eye lashes of mine!) so I went with goggles instead. I"m set. I have a coat, pants, helmet, goggles, gloves, boots and the desire to ride for hundreds of miles! (Next will be a warmer coat- but then thats it!)Thanks Dad!

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