Friday, December 13, 2013

Ward Party...

I love Jana. She is the best Committee chairwoman I could have asked for (and I got her!) She is an angel, seriously, her wings are just tucked in her coat in these pictures and you can't see them! We went out the other day to begin purchasing food for our annual Ward Christmas Party. As 2nd counselor in RS, I oversee the activity comm and therefore get to help out with the activites, still! Its great, just a lot of work! We hit several stores on wed and had a few laughs along the way as we cleared shelves (which I know is the biggest coupon rule out there, but we wern't using coupons and I was really grumpy, so I didn't care!)We then assembled 18 pans of funeral/festive potatoes and delivered them to other ladies to make, bake and bring to the party. I also stole 3 cupcakes that were in the kitchen, which I still have not felt a single drop of remorse about, although my confession will probably come soon at my next sit down with the Bishop. It was fun, thanks Jana for being organized, helpful and oh so awesome to hang out with!

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