Friday, December 13, 2013

Dinner with the missionaries...

I am pretty sure the missionaries are tired of us! They were at our house last week for dinner, and then our AMAZING, wonderful, sweet and ever so kind friend- Janell- treated us to dinner last night with them on her behalf because she couldn't attend and she signed up to feed them. Bless her sweet heart! We met at Janell's favorite Mexican resturant and had a great time. I think I gained 5 pounds and am beginning a cleansing diet as soon as I polish off the cookies my VT brought me yesterday! The food was so good, and it was something we hardly ever do as a family- go to a sit down place and eat! *** And no, Tristin did NOT have permission to put the hat on his head! I was so mad when I found these pictures the kids took with my phone!

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