Thursday, February 21, 2013

Neck issues and other body pain! (Sorry, this is for my record, skip over the whinning!)

Earlier in the month I pulled something in my neck and have been in a lot of pain ever since. In the beginning it felt like a horrible stiff neck with alot of pain that spred to my shoulders and jaw again. I tried to lay down often and I iced it like crazy. I took Advil around the clock because when it wore off, it hurt so much. I borrowed items to help and put poor Trav to work every second his hands would rub the pain. It's actually gotten better and I am so relieved, there is still a knot he's working on, but I can turn my neck now and its improving! Most of the time it takes a month of pure awfulness and a million dollars later from chiropractor visits to correct the problem, so I can handle the dull ache that still remains. My back has been giving me more problems too and so I think I need to get in and get things realligned. I have to accept that I have a body of a 90 year old woman and if I want relief, in most cases, I have to take care of the real problem.During the same time,my left brea*st beginning to ache, burn, throb and kill when I nursed. I was having chills and starting to feel awful and ache all over. I knew what was starting and called my OB for antibiotics for mastitis. She called them in and I started taking those bad boys because Mastitus is the devil. Pure and simply- the devil. If you can catch it soon enough, everyone's well being will be a billion times better, and if you don't you wish you would drift away and die. When I get it, it is the closest to death as I ever want to get! It's been a few weeks of yuckyness and I'm glad to be feeling better. Now if I could just get Mr Roman to stop waking up every 1 to 2 hours! Seriously, he's a newborn all over again!

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