Thursday, February 21, 2013

A crazy dream!

Last night was one of those wild dreams where you wake up and think? What just happened? That was SO weird. It was totally a pregnant dream, minus me being pregnant! The dream went tlike this: Our beloved Cheeto, who was a boy, somehow turned into a girl guinea pig and got pregnant. Awhile later, on my carpet, she began delivering her babies, except they weren't guinea pigs- they were HUMAN babies of all sizes. She (he?) was very aggitated and so I put her back in her cage and watched these little humans laying there breathing on my carpet. knowing they would need to nurse, I put them in the cage with her. The problem was, another guinea pig magically appeared with a baby leapoard. They were going crazy in the cage stepping on her offspring, and poor Cheeto was trying to heal after her delivery and bond with her weird babies. I took the other animals out and that's all I can remember! So weird. Just had to write it down so I could remember it!

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