Thursday, February 21, 2013

Being a Mom...

A few weeks ago something became aware to me that I obviously already knew- I have 5 kids! With that came an overwhelming sence of obligation and profound need to become a better Mother. It hit me that, no I don't get in my car and drive to an office everyday to go to my job. My job is right here. My "office" is my home and my chirldren are my "work". I was reminded that there is more than just surviving the day and making it until bed time so I can collapse and slip into my coma- it should be more and better. I should be uplifing my chirldren and teaching them about life lessons. I should be instilling values and work ethic. I should be their cheerleader in life and show my love in the ways that they need it. I should be more intune to them and view them as people and not just little kids. It hit me that the Lord trusted me with 5 precious souls and my "job" is to give them the best I can and all I can. Somedays I swear I am going to run away and never return, and other days I promise myself they will sit in time out for 5 hours until Dad gets home, but I know that all the crazyness is apart of the package. Kids are kids and I need to allow them to act their age and not expect the world. I think sometimes because I grew up so fast, I expect my children to do the same. I have to stop and allow them to be them. I don't want to crush their spirits. 8 year old girls are supposed to be silly, and 10 year old boys are supposed to make exploding sounds all the time. 3 years olds are supposed to draw on white furniture and middle children are intitled to their weird freak out sessions. I had to take a look at myself and realize I need to improve- a lot. I know the Winter is always hard because it's freezing and no one wants to go out and play. Its dark and gloomy and just plain cold. I love spring, I adore the soft breeze and the time when you dust off the outside toys and send the kids out to just play. I look forward to walks to the park and around the neighborhood again. Thank you Heavenly Father for letting me enjoy these pretty awesome kids- thank you, thank you, thank you.

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