Friday, November 9, 2012

There might be something wrong with me...

I think I might have some lingering pregnancy hormones surging through my body right nowmaking me think irrational thoughts. The proof: I'm slightly thinking about getting the kids a hamster or other small, no mess making pet for Christmas. I'm insain I know. And I'm still shaking my head as I type it. I really think I'm nuts, but a super tiny part of my heart kind of tugged the other day when I took the kids into Petco for the dreadful 5 minute walk around the store. I seriously hate pet stores, but I took the plunge and walked through the doors to be instantly overwhelmed by the smell of dry dog bones. So gross. The girls happily ran through the store looking at all the nasty, noisy, smelly animals and I just smiled my fake smile pleading to God to get me out of there! I kept looking at my imaginary watch saying, "Yup, sorry girl's, we gotta go! Say goodby to the sweet little animals." And then it happened. Somewhere between the hamsters and hidious rats, the idea came to me that my kids are not going to turn out normal if they do not have a pet. "Nope", I said to God or whoever was talking to me at the moment. "Not doing it" I felt like saying outloud. But as my eyes checked out the cages, and water things, and messy cage covering stuff, and little plastic hut- home looking things, I thought, "Maybe, just maybe I could muster up whatever it takes for a women like me to break down and get a little fur ball for her sweet kids- and just do it! So I need your help. All of you sweet Mama's who have let your kids have normal childhoods, would you please tell me the best little fur ball for young kids? The least smelly-est? The one that eats the cheapest food? And one that wont get out, crawl into my walls, take up residency there and then only come out at night to make annoying scratching sounds? Or better yet, someone please convince me that a pet-free home really is the safest and healthiest thing for my children who are wildly in love with animals!Oh my word, please help, just the idea of it is killing me!

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