Thursday, November 8, 2012

My sweet little boy...

This little boy makes my heart smile. I am so thankful for healthy, beautiful children. It hit me today as I sat down to nurse, for the millionth time- that maybe one of the reasons we nurse, is so we finally stop. Yeah, I know we are also keeping a little one alive by feeding it, but maybe stopping, the art of doing nothing, in a way is a piece to the puzzle. I also think that part of the joy of nursing is holding our little ones in our arms, being close and just enjoying the moment. They grow so fast and maybe this is one way we get to enjoy their sweetness. Today I am praying for a change of attitude. Instead of getting upset that my "project" or my cleaning routine was interupted by the need to nurse, I am praying that I can be excited for another moment to hold, nurish and be with my last little baby. Please help me Lord to keep things in perspective as I try to slow down and remember what is truely important today.

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