Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A day of deals...

I adore after holiday sales, but I'm so cheap that I only get excited when we're talking 75- 90% off. This morning, the vomit had stopped and the fevers were gone, so I took the 3 little ones out to check a few of our favorite places. Talk about a good day! Target was 90 & 70% off and we got a ton of stuff- candy, kids shirts, baby clothes, decorations, craft stuff & little gifts. Michaels had more party favors for Grace's party for .25 each (That will be a zoo party!). We found some bigger shirts for Daisy at Old Navy for .97 each. My friend Lisa who works at WalMart texted to say clothes were marked down to $ 1.00 each so we grabbed some bigger jeans for Daisy, shirts for Trav, shirts for Tristin & dresses for the girls! Then we stopped at Albertsons and hit the bacon jackpot! Boxes were marked down to .99 each- I LOVE PRECOOKED BACON- there is no mess involved!They also had yummy looking sausage hot dogs for .50 a pack, normally almost $7.00 a piece! We grabbed a few more things and headed to the $ store to see if they had anything. Sure enough they got a new shipment of cereal, so I grabbed a few of those too! Thank you Lord for a day filled with super awesome deals!

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